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"UVTools is an independant floating window that allows quick and easy manipulation of editable mesh texture coordinates. This version allows the artist to copy and paste a tri or quads UV coordinates to other tri or quads. Copying and pasting UV coordinates is not limited to the same model. Copying and pasting can be performed between one or more individual objects.
Two other features are the UVSPLIT and UVOPTIMIZE buttons (depicted as a saw and tube of glue).As models `share` UV coordinates - the pasting of a quad or tri to one location on your model can result in another section being modified as well. This is the sharing problem that is tedious to rectify if you wish to edit UV coordinates on a polygon by polygon basis.
In the short term UVSPLIT elliminates this problem so you can freely copy and paste polys to your hearts content. The down side to using UVSPLIT is the dramatic increase in your models UV coordinates. This won`t harm your model and - from a visual point - will be un-noticable to the observer. To solve this problem and clean up any unwanted/duplicated UV coordinates the UVOPTIMIZE button should be used. To sum up - before modelling always UVSPLIT your model and - when you are completely happy with the final results - UVOPTIMIZE it.
UVOPTIMIZE is a labour intensive process for maxscript so use it as a final measure Below the buttons is a UV counter. The value on the left is the `before` and the one on the right is the `after` UV count."

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