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Regimantas Valiukas

V-Ray Material Presets Pro is a powerful material collection for 3ds Max and V-Ray. It will includes shaders like: Metal, Glass, Leather, Liquid, Ceramics, etc.
SIGERSHADERS V-Ray Material Presets Pro version 4.1.5

01.09.2016 – Changes for v4.1.5 are:
– Now VMPPmax remember window positions and size.
User Library Manager
– Fixed comment issues when material name has a Whitespace character.
– Implemented ability to render material preview images (single material and batch render).
– Implemented ability to render VRayHDRI spherical preview (single and batch render).
– Implemented ability to migrate custom settings from previous version.

04.08.2016 – Changes for v4.0.1 are:
– The installer now can find 3ds Max Design paths.
– The installer includes all required additional plug-ins.
– Fixed map paths for some materials.
– Fixed Real-World map size scaling for some materials.
– Now the UNC path resolver can be enabled/disabled.
– A little optimized the user library thumbnails handler.

25.07.2016 – Changes for v4.0.0 are:
– Completely remade materials and textures.
– New installer.
– 3ds Max 2017 support.
– New UI.
– New Material test scene templates.
– New licensing process.
– Added thumbnails to Material list.
– New Material list views: List and Gallery.
– Added context menu to each list.
– Added options Copy/Move to Categories and Materials.
– Added UNC path resolver.
– Improved memory usage.
– Bug fixes and more…

14.08.2015 – Changes for v3.2.0 are:
– Minor bug fixes.
– New Liquid materials (V-Ray 3.1+).

21.04.2015 – Changes for v3.1.2 are:
– Added the ability to replace external BitmapTexture paths (User Library).

12.03.2015 – Changes for v3.1.1 are:
– Fixed a bug that occurs when rename User Section with the same name.
– Fixed a bug that occurs when rename User Category with the same name.
– Fixed a bug that occurs when rename User Material with the same name.
– Fixed issues with saving notes of the User Category/Material.
– Fixed a potential issue with open User Material full preview when material in list is not selected.
– Fixed minor issues with User Library lists headers info.
– Added “Right Click” functionality to the opened full preview image (Default/User libraries).
– Added tool-tips and option to show/hide tool-tips.
– Added the ability to set Max Subdivs (reflection/refraction) for materials (Default Library).
– The Default Library is divided into two parts: Legacy materials (V-Ray 2.x) and V-Ray 3.1+ (V-Ray 3.10 or later).
– Updated the test scenes.
– Updated the UI style.
– Added new materials and remade some old.


11.09.2014 – Changes for v3.0.1 are:
- Fixed thumbnail viewer memory leak
- Added new materials (154): Mosaic, Parquet and Carpaint.

12.06.2014 – Changes for v3.0.0b are:
- Fixed material destination selector
- All materials and textures are remade
- All materials optimized for high quality BF+LC rendering*
- Added Material Lab (Scene for material creating/testing)
- And more...

17.05.2013 – Changes for v2.6.3 are:
- Bug fixes
- 63 New Upholstery materials

18.04.2013 – Changes for v2.6.2 are:
- Bug fixes
- Added Icon size parameter
- New Tempered Steel materials
- Compatible with 3ds Max 2014

03.03.2013 – Changes for v2.6.1 are:
- Memory leak and other bug fixes

21.01.2013 – Changes for v2.6.0 are:
- The code has been completely rewritten
- The new interface with a thumbnail viewer
- Pop-up full preview image
- Material categories Tree View
- Most of the textures and materials have been corrected
- Fixed compatibility issue of materials between 3ds Max versions (2010 SP1 - 2013)
- Fixed problems with textures in materials
- Minor bug fixes...

29.10.2012 – Changes for v2.5.16 are:
- Added 10 Wood (cork) materials.
- Minor bug fixes.

16.08.2012 – Changes for v2.5.15 are:
- Added 210 Wall materials.

16.05.2012 – Changes for v2.5.14 are:
- Added 9 Tahitian Pearl materials.
- Now compatible with 3ds Max 2013.

02.05.2012 – Changes for v2.5.13 are:
- Added 93 Wall materials and templates.

21.04.2012 – Changes for v2.5.12 are:
- Possibility to assign a Material to an object group or multiple selected objects.
- Fixed issues with Composite Aluminium Materials.

11.02.2012 – Changes for v2.5.11 are:
- Added 15 new materials (Leather - Pattern 7).
- Fixed issues with custom controls.
- Minor bug fixes of core code.

28.12.2011 – Changes for v2.5.10 are:
- Added new section 'Plastic'.
- Added 228 new materials (Metal, Parquet, Plastic).
- Re-designed user interface and rewrote .NET custom controls.
- Fixed issues with User Category and Material notes.
- Minor bug fixes of core code.
- Updated User manual.

14.11.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.9 are:
- Added 36 new Parquet materials.

17.08.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.8 are:
- Added 48 new Mosaic materials.

27.07.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.7 are:
- Fixed memory leak in custom controls

20.06.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.6 are:
- Added 36 new Leather Materials
- Added 34 new Cloth Material

17.05.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.5 are:
- Optimized memory usage
- 3ds Max 2012 support
- Minor custom controls fixes

30.04.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.4 are:
- Added 122 new Cloth materials
- New parameter 'Always on top' (options)
- New parameter 'Remember last position' (options)
- Fixed Section creation bug

12.04.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.3 are:
- Minor bug fixes
- Added 14 new Wood materials

05.04.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.2 are:
- Added 80 new Gemstones materials

29.03.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.1 are:
- Added 48 new Parquet materials
- Added 18 new Wood materials
- Corrected some textures
- 3ds Max 2009 support
- Minor bug fixes

24.03.2011 – Changes for v2.5.0.0 are:
- Added 112 new Glass materials
- Added User Library manager
- New .Net interface
- New licensing system (new license key and serial number required)
- And more...

11.01.2011 – Changes for v2.1.1b are:
- Adds 146 new material presets and templates (Carpaint, Liquid, Wall)

18.11.2010 – Changes for v2.1.0b are:
- You can now select the resolution of used textures (High / Medium)
- Minor interface changes
- The number of materials has decreased, but the quality is now higher
- You can leave the old version installed and still install v.2.1.0
- Adds a lot of new materials and presets
- Compatible with V-Ray 2.0

 08.10.2010 – Changes for v2.0.1 are:
- Adds new 65 material presets
- Fixes some errors of the interface (sometimes the information in the last selection list of a material wasn't correctly indicated).

25.07.2010 – Changes for v2.0 are:
- A new dotNet interface
- 1283 Materials and Templates
- All materials have been tested by professionals on real projects
- Most of the textures and materials have been corrected
- All textures used are seamless
- The majority of the materials have been updated and many new ones added
- The code has been completely rewritten
- Optimised memory usage
- Adds the ability to change Maps directory location
- Changed activation system
- And more...

05.03.2010 – Changes for v1.5 are:
- Adds new 100 Wall material presets (Stucco and Brick).

16.02.2010 – Changes for v1.4 are:
- Adds new section 'Wall' with 44 material presets.

23.11.2009 – Changes for v1.3 are:
- Adds new 41 leather material presets
- Fixes some material presets...

02.11.2009 – Changes for v1.2 are:
- Interface code has been completely rewritten - 'Affect Shadows' parameter in Glass and Liquid materials is now ON by default - Fixes map path for some materials - Adds settings to save dialog position - Loads the last dialog position...

25.08.2009 – Changes for v1.1 are:
– Add new section "Wood" with 78 material presets.

15.08.2009 – Changes for v1.0 are:
– New 8 material presets for "Leather" section.
– Rewrited most part of code.
– Fixed error if using the custom button.

14.06.2009 – Changes for v1.0RC are:
– Add new section "Parquet" with 33 material presets.
– Add new section "Plastic" with 12 material presets.

27.05.2009 – Changes for v1.0.2beta are:
– Add new section "Carpaint" with 37 material presets.  

21.05.2009 – Changes for v1.0.1beta are:
– Add new section "Fabric" with 32 material presets. 

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2013 - 2017
Other Software Required: 
V-Ray 3.4 and above


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Siger's picture

New materials

Yes, it is planned. Now a lot of time takes away VMPP for Maya...

Phokka's picture

PLZ New Plastic Materials and Corrotion Metals

If is possible can you add more type of plastics and some corrosion materials like Dirt pig iron?
Maybe add floor materials like porcelain Floor Tiles.

Siger's picture

Compatible with 3ds Max Design 2013

Hi, Phokka,
Yes, compatible.

Phokka's picture

3d mas design 2013

I'm looking to buy this product but need to know if it is compatible with 3d max design 2013.

adibh31's picture


i want this for 3d max 2009

kcsj008's picture

The first time

A lot of people say that want to try this software easy to use


Siger's picture

From July 14th till September

From July 14th till September 1th 2010 V-Ray Material Presets Pro 2.0 price 50% off!

FOR ONLY 55 Euro!

fajar's picture

support max 9.....

support max 9.....

Siger's picture

In a month - ones and a half

In a month - ones and a half it will be realised V-Ray Material Presets Pro v.2.0

- A new dotNet interface
- More than 1000 materials
- All materials have been tested by professionals on real projects
- Most of the textures and materials have been corrected
- All textures used are seamless
- The majority of the materials have been updated and many new ones added
- The code has been completely rewritten
- Optimised memory usage
- And more...

The new version will be more expensive than the current v.1.5. All registered users of VMPP v.1.5 will be able to upgrade for free.
If you purchase at the cheaper price now you will also get v2.0 when it's released!

simons's picture

hi siger, nice to hear.

hi siger,

nice to hear. waiting impatiently. keep up the good work.


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