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This script is meant to be used only in a specific workflow, when importing textures from Mari.

Usage: Choose the directory where the textures are stored. If the texture names contain the keywords of the mapping slots name like "Diffuse, bump, opacity.." then the script automatically suggest those textures to be assigned to the according slots.
By rightclicking the Assign button all the textures from all the mapping slots will be cleared.

(Note: in order to work properly, all the materials have to have "_tg" keyword and UDIM number(this is done automatically by waRp UpTile script) to their names)

This script was primarily meant to work with vray materials, but it has a support for standard materials as well.

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Installation: Just drag and drop the script into the 3ds max viewport. Then go to Customize > Customize Interface > category: waRp Tools > Assign textures to materials

It was only tested in 3ds Max 2013

Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMVJRGdrVMI#t=28m34s
If you like all of the scripts that are in the tutorial you can download them by clicking the warp_tools_bundle.rar in the attachment

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3ds max 2013
warp_textomtl_v1.3.mzp12.2 KB
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