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"Makes a user definable number of wires (lines) of variable thickness that travel through various target objects. Useful for making jumbles of wires that go from place to place in your scene without the need to model them - and provides more power in placement then the scatter compound object since it can give each wire a random thickness and allows multiple targets - not just an emitter object.
version 1.11 Script now gives objects a unique name after creation. Now if you're in the modify panel when you run this script - it will automatically switch to create mode - to avoid several command panel redraws during the creation process. "

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For a max 5 - 4.2 version of this script - please download bspack_r4_r5_v031.zip. Use the original bspack_r42.zip if you want only max 4.2 compatibility.

The only major differences between script packages are slight version compatibility issues - there are no new scripts added between the 3 packages.

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7; 6
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