Working Pivot Placer

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Simple 3dsMax Script for Placing the Working Pivot on Surface or By 1 , 2 or 3 Points .

"Coordinates" this file Contains 3 Macro Scripts , for Fast Coordinate Switching .

  • Coordinate Center Cycle : Cycling the 3 Types of Coordinate Center .

  • Coordinate System Cycle : Cycling the Coordinate System Between [View/Local/Working Pivot]

  • Coordinate System-Pick : Pick Object to be used as Coordinate System .

For Best Result Assign keyboard shortcuts for this macros (Something Like : Alt+C , Alt+V , Alt+X) .

UPDATE 1.2 :

  • Add a MacroScript to Set Working Pivot to [Picked Object] Transform, (Working Pivot Placer Button +Alt).

  • Add a MacroScript to Cycle Between Working Pivots which used by this Script [By Surface/ By Points/ By Object], (Working Pivot Placer Button +Ctrl or add Shortcut to "Working Pivot Cycler").

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