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"This tool is use for aligning Object -Quad or Edge from a source object to a destination object quad. It move the face and align it with the destination Object -Quad or Edge.And more it allow :

  • Snap the vertex of the moved Quad -O or E to destination Quad -O or E. on the face surface - on the face center - edge center or vertex.
  • Rotate the considered 'element' on the new local face axis - and to swap rotation axis.
  • SelfSnap the considered 'element' on itself.
  • Use a softselection method with the transformation.Edit this curve.
  • Swap between a source object based soft selection - or antother using transformed object.
  • Translate the face along the local axis - Conserving the softselection.
  • "

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    <a href='http://www.scriptspot.com/extensions/web_upload/avg_dlx50_6.zip' target=New>AVGuard 5.0.6 Extension Package</a>
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