Zoom Orbit Fix

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Fixes the orbit point of the camera when you zoom in on something small.
usually when you do 'zoom extent' on a small sub-object, and then zoom out, it breaks the orbit point.

- INSTAL instruction
copy the file to : "(3ds Root)\scripts\Startup\"
if Max is running you need to run the script with menu "MAXScript/run script..." and browse to it.

- UNINSTAL instruction
Delete : "BelzarViewFix.ms" from "(3ds Root)\scripts\Startup\"
and restart Max OR paste "callbacks.removeScripts id:#BelzarViewFocalFix" in the listener

Additional Info: 

the script registers a callback to "viewportChange" and catches if the orbit point changed. and fixes it.

Version Requirement: 
2013 should work on lower
belzarviewfix.ms2.35 KB