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Bayan al Safadi

This Script will Automatically create main road lanes based on selected spline

Run script or drag and drop to 3ds max, a dialog is created with some input parameters:

- number of lanes.

- Lane width.

- Yellow lanes distance.

- Enable Yellow lanes ?

- Flip direction ?

select 1 spline (( as subobject level )) modify the inputs as you need then press (( Offset it ! )) button !

the splines created has material id applied to them as follows :

Edge splines with ID = 1

Normal white separators with ID = 2

Yellow splines with ID = 3

-- Version : 1.2

Whats New:

performance optimization and ability to apply the script to 1 or more splines in spline subobjectlevel.

huge thanks to Obaida for helping me optimizing this script.. please consider visiting his gumroad and youtube channel





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Copyright : © 2009-2021 3D | R.n.D, All rights reserved

Author : Bayan Al Safadi

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3D R.n.D's picture

Thank you so much for taking

Thank you so much for taking your time to optimize it. i can learn alot from these mods ... will try to fix my code and resubmit it .

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Check the Attachment

- Can work on any shape if it has 1 spline/or 1 Selected spline (it can be modified to work
with more than 1 Spline But Need Extra Work , You can Check that) .
- Extract similar commands to Functions .
- Avoiding (splineOps./Modify Panel) will Give the Results Instantly .

3drnd_road_offsetter_v1.05-m.ms 5.61 KB
3D R.n.D's picture

i believe it need

i believe it need optimizations, but unfortunately maxscript doesn't like splines that much ... if u have some ideas for optimizing it i will be glad to fix it

3D R.n.D's picture

sorry i didn't mention it in

sorry i didn't mention it in the discerption, but u should select 1 spline (as a subobject) and apply the script

obaida's picture

this script work on spline

this script work on spline sublevel only .

dmitrybelonosov's picture

I have a mistake

Hello. I have a mistake. Is there anything we can do?

obaida's picture


nice idea but need hard Optimizing .

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