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This is my first script in 3D Max. I wrote it for my own purpose to speed up modelling of the most boring things in architectural visualisations. Windows and doors. This script helps to make simple windows and doors with divisions of your own need. Just place a box as a symbol of a door or a window and imagine that the segments of this box are the divisions of your window or door. iw there are segments on the depth side of the box, the script will obey it and remove as it will know that the shortest side of the box shoud not be divided, So if You happen to divide the box in too many dimensions, it does not matter. The only up-limit for the detailed windows are the 3x3 divisions. Low detailed windows are infinite. Enjoy it and i hope it is usefull. I wrote it for max 2012 so I do not know if it works under other versions.

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max 2012
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Hi, great script, but I

Hi, great script, but I always work in meters, not centimeters. I can not enter a number like 0,14 meter or something. Is there a way to change that?
Also it would be great if the rotating parts could have it's own ID. Looking forward!

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Great script! I hope this

Great script! I hope this continue!

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It works perfectly fine now

It works perfectly fine now ,
Thank you for the great work !

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I fixed the bug with the windows heights. It should work right now. Cheers


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The reason why I would like

The reason why I would like to have the possibility to assign 2 different IDs on the glass panes is because, this way, I can easily create double glazing panes with a different bump value on each one (to have realistic reflections).

About the bug: yes I sometimes have a 3cm gap beneath the window. And it seems to happen only on 2 panes windows. 1 and 3 panes ones are OK as you can see here:

easywindow_bug.jpg 184.31 KB
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3D Max 2014 HELP

OK it's all fixed...there were several lines of code missing (my copying error)..

It works perfectly


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one more thing

as for the comment on creating windows out of borders... i see no good point in doing that, for instance to have a border you have to have an open gap, so you would have to delete some polys in the window opening to create a border. Then the script should cap this hole and everything. By placing a box just to fit the opening for window is i guess the easiest way to create an idea of a window. box divisions symbilize the frames and that is what i was about in the first idea. It is my first plugin and i am yet not good enought to make it perfect, so i will have to stay with this idea of creation as i did in the script, and only improove it to make a stable "easy windows and doors" plugin whithout extra superb tools. I guess with this plugin you just save a lot of time fitting each window to its opening size, and that is the main idea of this project. Thanks and sorry...


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for the errors and bugs and advices

I wrote the plugin in 2012 3ds max and i have not tried it on other versions, i just do not have other versions to check if anything works. sorry for that. I just hoped that it will run on any newer version. i may try to get a 2014 max to find if anything is missing in the script.

as for the id materials. it is surely possible to add this option as a checkbox. i just did't think of placing different materials on each side od a glass. if it is necessary i will add this option in the next update.

as for the height of the windows. I also had (it was at first somehow randomly appeared different heights, but later on i found it in just few possibilities of divisions) this matter. if you could tell me what exactly the window divisions were and which dirrection the window was heading( i mean wheather it was faced in x or z direction), that would help me to locate the moment where i should check the vertexes. I guess what you wrote here, that when the sills are 3cm, the window has a hole beneath? there is a gap of 3cm under? please tell me what exactly happens and on what divisions vert and hor is it happening.

For the rest of comments, I kindly thaks for good oppinions and will try to implement some new tools to this. I already have them in my mind and i will be working on it qiute soon. Thank You guys.


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Sorry I can not help you.
You may completely uninstall the script, then install it again properly.

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3D Max 2014 HELP

Just does not start -> syntax end line error

I put the missing brackets at the end, and MaxScript Listener showed me that its in the Loom rollout section..but it's not there

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