3DS Max File Version - 2013 update!

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This VB-compiled tool serves just to test which version of Max was used to create the saved Max file. Since 3DSMax doesn't do a good job at writing its version in the file's properties - I use this tool to find out what version it was created in so I can go back to the proper 3DSMax to edit the file.

If you have multiple versions of Max installed and want to know what version you used on an old project - use this tool to find out.

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This is an update from my previous post:

Thanks to help of Yoav Assa and Michael Levin.

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Tested on 3DSMax 2015 and below. Will not correctly show versions below 2008.


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getMaxFileVersionData always get "undefined"??

Thanks for the tool.
Do you know why the standard 3dsMax getMaxFileVersionData command can produce "undefined"? I tested on a file that was created in version 2011, but the getMaxFileVersionData command always gets "undefined"! How else can I find out the version of a file from maxscript???

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re: returns undefined


Probably those max files are saved with version older then 2010.


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Thanks Pixamoon , i tried it but it always "undefined"
how should i write the function if the file in (C:\temp\test version.max)

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i want converter from new to older max file

hope to find script or softwar to convert many files from newer version max to older ... many thanks

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very useful

very useful can you give me source code ?
or add command prompt function to it ?

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This script is super useful to check version of maxfiles saved before max 2010 but for newer versions there is also a simple maxscript function to read SaveVersion and Max Version which was used to save file:

getMaxFileVersionData <Max filename>

All info about it on maxScript help:

And to find a current open 3ds Max version - there is another function:


more info on maxScript help:

Hummus, with getMaxFileVersionData you can easily add field with info which 3ds Max version was used to save file too.


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Thanks for this handy tool!!

Thanks for this handy tool!!


Mike Truly
Truly Media

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