3ds Max password Creator

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Vahid Najafi

Create password for 3Ds Max files

Create password for 3Ds Max files

warning: Do not forgot your passwords.This script allows the user to open and modify the existing file, but it can not be rendered.

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For create password:

Preview Maker

1- Run this script.

2- Select your password.

3- Press ‘Create Password’ button.

4- Save your file.

5- you can not render file now.

For Remove your password:

Preview Maker

1- Open your file.

2- Run this script.

3- Enter file password.

4- Press ‘Remove Password’ button.

Version Requirement: 
2011 and heigher


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New link added

New link added

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i need Help

please i cant download the script

WOW Design

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tanks man its awesome !

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Thanks Vahid Najafi,best

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Some potential feature addition

Hey Can you add something like this to current script? OR make one new ?

1. Will detect the MAC id and will only run on the machine it is with that MAC id
2. This cam be modified with strong password . passphrase to add more MAC ID or delete any from previous list
3. Also if possibly this script should be able to detect date along with MAC ID, which further can give feature to terminate the max file usability after certain date.

Guys I hope this will ROCK !


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Thanks Vahid Najafi, its

Thanks Vahid Najafi, its realy awesome !

Architectural Drawings and Projects

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good point

Also, if you wanted to save yourself the effort.. you're just one command from removing all the callbacks, which would also remove these (or list the active ones and cherry pick the ids you want to remove).

This is kinda similar to sites displaying images and trying to block rightclicking. There are some users that will see the dialog and think 'wow, magic! my evil plans are foiled', then there's the rest that can't be stopped so easily. For any serious usage, there's Autodesk's own DWF format.

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export obj


might as well use password123...

(I can also easily break it with MCG....but why bother showing the technique...any 8 yr old with a slight interest in MCG can do it)

But this is not 'having a go' at the author...simply showing the lack of QA here...

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Dear !

This is awesome !

I was waiting for something like this for long long time....!

I will try this for sure :D

surprising is that, why Autodesk never thought of doing something like this for the giant software like 3ds max ! ! !

Superb !

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