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Branko Živković

"SPIROFLY•CAM" script is the unique 'turn table' tool which uses the simple trigonometric formulas to create an interesting path around the targeted object in the scene.
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By barigazy at 2011-12-02

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You can readjust and animate some paremeters after creation, interactively.
If the target object is animated, then the camera will follow it in a 'special' way.
Written and tested on 3dsMax 2011 x64 and 3dsMax 2012 x64, but it may work in older version.
UPDATE (v1.1) -> fixed some bugs and added installer support for 2013+

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I'm really sorry

I'm really sorry but..
can you please give me the source code?
i don't know how to code so don't worry. I just want to use the script. It's too good!

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it seems like a very good script

So I wanted to use it, but my it errors in my 3ds max.
I downloaded the script, dragged into the max, clicked install, it showed "installed successfully".
I tried to close it, but it won't!
(my max is 2014 x64)
I tried it in version 2013 too, but same here..
so i opened the editor and it says like the capture.
there's only that and that chinese goes on and on and it errors when i try to drag the source
I really like this script but why is it like this...*crying*

3incampack.png 15.02 KB
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You are right, directory

You are right, directory structure for max 2013 has changed and that cause the problem.
Now work on max2013+


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icons missing

hi im trying out this scripts and they look really cool. in following installation i noticed no icons are showing for the shortcuts. I know the directory structure for max 2013 has changed, is this the reason? and if so is there a solution. i cant seem to find teh bmp files for the icons. thanks.

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Thanks Siger Studio.

Thanks Siger Studio.


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The script is very useful. It good time saving means...

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Thanks DearViewer1 for the

Thanks DearViewer1 for the first comment.
I'm glad that you like this cam-tool.


DearViewer1's picture

Really really great script,

Really really great script, very usefull!thx

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