Advanced Object Renamer

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Hi All,

This is a my first ever script. I made it to make my work easier.

INSTALLATION :- Just run the Script using the "Run Script" command in your 3Ds max.

Then go to Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Main UI -> nthScript [Category] -> Advanced Renamer

Set your shortcut for the script and RUN...

NOTE:- Keep the Script file and the TempMatLib.mat in the same directory.

Additional Info: 

This script is most useful for 3D architectural works.
On a single click this script will Rename all the selected objects and apply UVW Map on it and also apply the PreCreated material from Material Library given with the script.

This script contains a set of Vray Materials i have made according to my requirements.

You can use any other Materials instead of Vray Mat, Just create your own Material Library and Replace the Current Library with yours.

NOTE:- Don't change the Material Names in the Material Library Given. Because it picks up the material using its names only.

Change the Material the way you want to and replace it with the given Library, but keep the naming of Materials same as given in the Library.

For any queries contact me through mail - [email protected]

Thanks and Regards,

Nitesh Srivastava

Version Requirement: 
Max 2009 - Max 2012
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