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aerender is a script which sends AE job from 3dsmax.


  • Download installation file
  • UNZIP " 3dsmaxROOT to root folder of 3ds max " Start 3ds max
  • Go to Customize>Customize User Interface>Toolbars> Category "HideScripts">Action "aerender"
  • Drop Toolbar

Before a rendering

  • It is necessary to put in AE along which the same path as all the machines passed.
  • I put all the footages into the share drive along which the same path currently shared by all the machines passes, or the UNC path needs to pass along them.
  • It is necessary to make the output place of AE project the UNC path of a shared folder.

How to use:


 place of aerender.exe.

place of an ae project file.

 name of the rendering group of backburner (in blank when there is nothing).

 number of the machine

importance of a job  ( the maximum= 0)

 transmit a job.
A jobname turns into ae_project name. When carrying out the submitt of the scene name of the same name, I am named automatically

Version Requirement: 
Other Software Required: 
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Hi! I did a simples script inside After Effects to do that!
If wanna try! :)

Hidenori Saito's picture

Hello, since the default

since the default group name of AERENDER is only AfterFX7, CS4 should operate satisfactorily.

tdog's picture

Nice script Want to use

Nice script

Want to use this on MAx 2009/10 to CS4 It looks like I got it to show up in the Monitor but it looks like the AE7 dependence make it inoperable for me.
Will this be updated?


lightshape's picture

For us it works just

For us it works just fine.

checked the paths correctly and that´s pretty much it. Sure it´s not as comfortable as sending MAX jobs, but it quite handy; nice job dude!!!

The only thing which is not as clear is the "servercount
- number of the machine". Does it mean how many machines are going to render the job?

thanks for the script!!!


Christopher Grant's picture

I've managed to spot the

I've managed to spot the error (it was disappearing off the screen before I saw it). It can't find the manager. I don't know where the script is getting the manager information from... Backburner works just fine on this machine / user account but maybe your script is pulling config info from the default backburner setup?

I've attached a screenshot of the error.

error-window.jpg 186.48 KB
Christopher Grant's picture

Doesn't seem to work with

Doesn't seem to work with Design 2010 64 - there aren't any errors, the command line windows comes up and it seems like it worked but nothing shows in the manager queue.

I'd guess it's a path issue but I can't be sure since it's encrypted. Any ideas?

Win64, Design 64, AE 7 (CS3).

Thanks - look's like a great script since I've been wanting to find a way to integrate AE comp's into BB w/o having to buy entirely new farm management software...

Christopher Grant

Hidenori Saito's picture

use only by 3dsmax2010 what

use only by 3dsmax2010 what was old ver.
not able to use the command which should be able to be used by 3dsmax2008 and 3dsmax2009

I corrected, so please download 1.01.

This test of operation is 3dsmax 2010. 2009 2008 and aftereffects7 cs3.

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Hmmmm....everything pointed

Hmmmm....everything pointed to where it should be pointed, hit submit and nothing happens. Max 2009 and AE cs 4. Does it work with these versions?

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thank you for this,

thank you for this, downloading.....

Hidenori Saito's picture

sorry, uploaded now.

uploaded now.

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