And yet another Randomizer

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creator: Philipp Hellmann
Date: 2012-03-02

This Script opens as Floater Window. You can randomize within min max ranges the position/rotation/scale of one or more selected objects.
You can work in absolut or relative mode for the Position and Scale Values.
The Rotation works in absolut with Quaternions around the local axis and in relativ with euler angles set as properties for each axis.

This script is written for my purposes. If you find this usefull please give me credits for that with a link to my webpage! Or give me feedback to improve the code or the function. I'm new to scripting but it's fun!

I am not responsible for any damage this script causes to your scene or pc! I can't give support for any scripts.
I do my comments on german and not as consistent as I probably should.

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