Animation Effectors

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Gregory Smirnov

Animation Effectors - is a group of scripts create controls to manage the settings for scale, rotation, position and thickness("Shell" modifier) of multiple objects simultaneously. The impact of controls depends on the distance to the object(except control position). Since everything is run by the expressions.

P.S. Thanks Yandex Translator :)

Additional Info: 

Installation for 3dmax 2013-2015

Close 3dmax if it is opened.

Unpack the archive

1) Copy images from folder "img" to path:

Max 2013 --- C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2013 - 64bit\ENU\usericons
Max 2014 --- C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\usericons
Max 2015 --- C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2015 - 64bit\ENU\usericons

2) Run 3ds max and run "" script or drag "" in viewport 3dmax

3) Script installed in category: "GregoryMaxScript"

How to use :)

1) Select multiple objects
2) Click create the effector, which parameter you want to control

The script will create a simple control element being a dummy and gizmo and label

Auxiliary tools:

1) Fragmental - Splits the selected objects in half
2) DetachPoly - Separates all polygons selected object
3) Center Pivot :) Quick access to options. Sometimes it is necessary for the correct transformation

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2013-2015
Video URL: 
AnimationEffectors_v.1.0.zip133.55 KB


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Thanks for the comments. In

Thanks for the comments. In the near future I will try to fix all these bugs

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Pretty Cool. I noticed a couple issues:

In Max 2015, I got these results:

1) Shell Effector is mislabeled (Uses ShallEffector instead of ShellEffector). Minor.

2) The min value of the shell will only let me choose 0 or 1.

3) The effector isn't changing the shell results as I change the radius/position of the effector helper.* See #5.

4) Deleting the helper generates a bunch of MAXScript errors related to "pos".

5) #3 isn't true. It's easy to think that, however, because with the Shell Effector the radius helper doesn't visually relate directly to the effect (if your brain is expecting the radius to be a maximum limit). The only way the effect seems to work for my array of Planes is to make the Effect Radius very small (smaller than a single plane. Only the objects outside the effector create the gradual max shell effect. So the effector radius does work after all! :) I think it is even more confusing because the Rotation Effector does work as I'd expect (where the effect all happens inside the radius). This *might* be solved by using the same logic as the other effectors (see below) and changing the limits of the min/max of the Shell.

6) Since you cannot change the Radius of the SphereGizmo that represents the effector, maybe there should be a Custom Attribute on the Gizmo with a button to Select Effector. This would help with heavy scenes and the radius gizmo is easier to find.

6.1) Why not exclude use of the Dummy node and just use the SphereGizmo with a custom attribute? One less node and then the radius of the gizmo can be manipulated directly.

So there are a couple minor issues. In terms of the #3/#5 in the list, I think that is just needs some more clarification in the documentation. After playing with it I realized that it works as expected--but that my expectation of how it was intended to work was wrong.

Great tool and +1. Thanks for the share.


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

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Looks awesome!

This script looks really great! Thanks for sharing!

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