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Animation helper script to dynamically add animation ranges. By clicking on a stored range the active range is set back to the stored range. Right click on a stored range will play the animation as well (see screenshot).

The animation ranges are stored within the scene, no additional files are used. Animation sequence can be changed, exported or deleted.

Additional Info: 

New version 1.3 has the following updates:
- single animation select rollout provides a compact alternative to the animation sheet rollout
- changes in the UI layout to make it more compact
- right-click on 'show range' will switch to the range and play the animation; again right-click stops the animation, again right-click will continue the animation
- Ctrl right-click on 'show range' plays the animation always from the start

Updated to V1.31 as initialization of the script created undefined errors.

Version Requirement: 
tested with 3ds max 2012 but will probarly work with older versions as well
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