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PhotobucketUpdated to version 0.83 and converted to a Helper instead of modifier. This is a new Helper for 3DS Max, that does the same as the Array tool does, but with some more features and more importantly, the settings can be adjusted on the fly, so you can always change the spacing, rotation, scaling between the array objects, or use splines for either 1D, 2D, 3D position. Also feature an randomize addition that can randomize spacing, rotation, scaling.

The Array Modifier has been made into a Helper and can now be found in the Helper tab. "Array Randomize" has been updated to "Array 3D Randomize" and is only useful if applied on the Array 3D Helper.

To use, just add an Array3D helper to the scene, and then select 1+ objects in the list to use in the array. It will remember your array settings and you can then change them whenever you like.
If you want to add some randomizing into position/rotation/scale, just add an Array Randomize modifier to the helper as well.

Main features:

  • Select one or more objects for the array
  • Create array in 1D, 2D or 3D dimensions
  • Adjust the position/rotation/scaling in 1D/2D/3D per object or as total value.
  • Create array using 1-3 splines
  • Array group of objects or randomize the objects in the array
  • Add randomize values to the position/rotation/scaling
  • Position incrementing from the previous position and rotation
  • Turn freezing and bounding box on and off
  • Change wireframe color to source color, custom color or a gradient from x,y,z
  • Linking the array objects to dummy or custom object
  • Offset the array from the dummy
  • Convert and rename generated objects and group them
  • Adjust any value on the fly
Additional Info: 

The zip files contains an readme.txt file which explains how to install/uninstall the modifier and a quick guide to start using it. There is also two video tutorials on my website, however they are not updated and is using version 0.75. I will update them as soon as I get some done.
If you find any bugs or have suggestions for it, please send me an e-mail to [email protected] .


If you have scenes already using an older version of Array 3D, you need to take these steps to
update your scene, as the Array 3D Modifier has changed into a Helper:
1) Install the script as usual
2) Load your scene with the Array Modifiers
3) Go up to MAXScript / Run Script... and find the script in /scripts/Array3D/
4) Run the script and you get a update dialog window. Follow the instructions there to update
and convert the Array 3D modifiers to Array 3D Helpers.
5) When you have updated all your scenes, and you don't need the old version of the script,
feel free to delete the folder /ArrayModifier/ from /Scripts/. The new version is located in
/Scripts/Array3D/ and the file from /Scripts/Startup.
If you don't want to remove it, please note that you will have two different randomize
modifiers in your list, the old Array Randomize and the new Array 3D Randomize.

Version Requirement: 
Tested with 3DS Max 9/2009/2012
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array_modifier_v0.825.zip103.9 KB
array_modifier_v0.82.zip104.83 KB
array3d_v0.83.zip28.41 KB


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dutchjoe's picture

Rotation offset

Hi there,

Great script! Thanks.
I think I've come across the same problem as Artie (the last comment)... Whenever I animate the rotation or offset it, the animation goes completely crazy near one side of the array (the newest ones I guess). This makes giving the array a subtle animation quite impossible.
Do you know of a workaround for this? Or perhaps an update?

Thanks and awesome work so far!


Artie's picture

Awesome! Thanks so much!

I would love to see an instant feedback while you're working on a spline without the need to goto the Array helper. And also of note i noticed that after modifying the rotation settings it doesn't apply to all the objects the same way, they kind of rotate incrementally the most closest one - slightly, the last one - much more. In fact, it's a cool effect, but sometimes i'd like them to rotate by the same amount. Have tried different types from the dropdown list but didn't spot any difference on my max 2012 64bit copy.

MLB's picture

Spacing value can't be more than 360?

This is a great script.

However, the max values of 'linear spacing' X, Y and Z seem to be arbitrarily capped at 360. I guess you meant to have this as the max value for rotation only?

I have a feature request too: it would be useful to generate/randomize material ID's

vrexplorer's picture

Wonderful, but problems in Max 2012 x64

That`s really one of the most great scripts i have seen. But the problem is that it doesn`t support groups in Max 2012 x64, also it changes position of the source objects to dummy`s position. It would be nice to clone objects in direction of the source object.. I wish you help us, That`s a worthy script..

Gspoutnik's picture

No rotation offset

Hello and thank's for this usefull script.
I've note a bug in 3dsmax 2012 64bits perhaps in old max too...
The rotation offset don't works and if you turn the helper or the objects, the script don't memorize the modification and update all with the initial rotation...The only solution i found it's to turn the vertex in edit poly.
Do you have any solution??? Or perhaps an update...

McGreed's picture

Heya fajar, yeah I know about

yeah I know about that one, I actually had it fixed, but it got 'unfixed' when I was redoing some code, so going to add that back in when I come with next update.
Im not sure about what you mean with Divide per segment, could you come with an example?

Who do you mean with 'follow a spline', do you mean that the objects are rotating as they move along the spline? If that's what you mean, I know about it and adding an option to get it to rotate as it goes along the spline in next update.

fajar's picture

btw I found some problem, it

btw I found some problem, it need filter function when pick spline. also devide per segment array would be good for future improvement.

asymptote's picture

Cool script, but I can't get

Cool script, but I can't get the objects to "follow" a spline. Is this possible ?
....this would replace the awful spacing tool that ships with max you can understand... I'm trying to distribute the objects along a spline, but with more control than the crappy spacing tool ;)


santex's picture

perfect !

thank you very much !!! works great on max 2011 64bit. much better than standard array tool.

shopkeeper's picture

Great! Kicks Maxs Arrays Ass!

Great! Kicks Maxs Arrays Ass!

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