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  • See additional info below


  • Some minor bug fixes
  • Added option to save instead of autosave
  • Will automatically rid and reload the file of unwanted 'Motion Clips, Layer Controls + Retimer Managers' [ONLY checks drawings of 5mb and more, can easily be changed in the script to your liking 'search the keyword 5 and you'll see it :) ]
  • Added statistics to the perspective view


  • Added SILENT version for Batch It MAX (hereBATCHITMAX VERSION - 3dwannab-assetcleaner

This script helps clean assets before you take them into another scene. I clean a all of my assets this way, so I thought I'd write this. Script is very discreet :]

Notes: I manage everything by layer and not by object and this is the perefect way to change your assest quckly before bringing them into a new scene.

Any bugs let me know, and any suggestions to would be great.

 First Dialog

Second Dialog (Only appears if layers need purging)

Third Dialog

Fourth Dialog (Only appears if filesize is 10mb +) (setting can easily be changed inside the script)


Additional Info: 

What it does:

  • Sets current layer to '0' and sets wire color to purple (this can be changed by the user very easily, just look inside the script)
  • Sets maxs: displayColor.shaded = #material AND displayColor.wireframe = #object
  • Resets all viewports and disables all grids (who uses the grid anyway?) ;)
  • Purges Layers with prompt (only if there's unused layers in the scene).
  • Sets all objects OR selected objects to ByLayer and to layer '0'. What this means is the color of the wireframe will match that of the layer it is currently on. With max's layer control much better now (Since 2015), it's best to utilise layer control on objects as opposed to on a per object basis.
  • Again, purges Layers with prompt (only if there's unused layers in the scene) based on previous choice.
  • Automatically Saves.

To install drag to 3ds max window and look for category 3dwannab in customize.

Version Requirement: 
Tested on 2015 - Should be okay on 2010+
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