Autoback Renamer

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Ahmed Fawaz

This is a super simple script to help anyone who faces this ridiculous issue in max on a daily bases.

Your working on a scene and autoback kicks in. Cool now you have an autoback file in case of emergency.

You now open a new scene and then autoback kicks in again. Now its replaced your previous autoback. D'oh!

Obviously this wouldn't be the case if you had setup your project folder........but yeah.

So this script will rename your autosave with the name of your current opened scene file name.....hope that makes sense. You can view this to make sure its working by going to preference>files(auto backup file name).

Ok as i have limited knowledge with maxscript and coding in general i wasn't able to produce an MZP run file, no idea why, i kept getting error. So instead i created a .bat file to copy the script to your startup folder. You can unzip the folder and check out the bat file so you know its safe :) if anyone wants to create an MZP loader id be more than happy to re-upload or if you can show me how.

If you have any issues or recommendations please hit me up.

Version Requirement: 
autoback_renamer.rar350 bytes