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This will perform a find and replace of asset path names,(bitmaps, xrefs or anything that shows up in the asset tracker). It is very powerful and works very quickly. Therefore, you can make mistakes very easily.


I strongly recommend that you back up all of the max files before using this tool.


This will only work in 2010+ and only on files that have been saved with 2010+


It operates on the Max files themselves and makes changes without prompting you. It doesn't do anything destructive. But if you make a mistake by pathing assets to a location that does not exist or contains a typo, the assets will not be found and you will simply have to repath them again. You can always do this through the asset tracking dialog but it can be prohibitively slow because you have to open files individually and  it reloads the assets whenever you make changes.


This tool does not actually open any max files. It only operates on the files and changes them internally. This is a new feature of Max 2010 and Autodesk's XBR project, the major restructuring of 3dsMax.


1.       Enter a root folder at the top. Pasting this from explorer is easiest or you can click the button to browse.


2.       Click Collect/Refresh Asset Paths. This will give you a list of the unique paths found in all of the max files. It will report all of the max files to the listener.


3.       Double click on an item in the list and it will go into the "Find in Path: " text field. Edit this down to a common root that will work with your new path.


4.       Type in what you want to replace this text with.

a.       Be very careful that your replace text makes sense for what it will replace. Double check that the end of the two lines both have or don't have a \



5.       Hit RePath! The tool will then give you a short count down and then a report of everything it is doing.


6.       Press Collect/Refresh Asset Paths again to see the updated results.



Continue to work through the other paths.

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Fixed: Doesn't work for me

Doesn't work for me, for some reason.
I point to folder with max file, it finds it, I've put text to "Find" and "Replace", script starts work, but tells me "No match" for every line.

Upd: Hm, I didn't expect it. You didn't use wildcard for "Find"? Anyway, I've did it using "start" of path and replacing it. I thought I can use something like "*rename_me*", but seems like it's not supported or I did something wrong.

Anyway - huge thanks! You've saved me a lot of time.

For future users - if you want to change path like this:
to this:

then you should type into "Find":
and into "Replace"

Seems like you can not type "foo" (Find) and "bar" (Replace), so use path starting from loca disk "C:\Users\foo"

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Yep. I have same problem.

Yep. I have same problem. Win8 don't let you to write\save some files anywhere.
Just open the script and in line 49 change the path @"c:\MaxMetaDataReport.dat". I've created Temp folder on C:\ partition and changed the path to @"c:\temp\MaxMetaDataReport.dat". Now works fine


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Just trying to use this on a

Just trying to use this on a Max2012 x64 scene (in windows 8 x64). Upon clicking Collect/Refresh, I get a Maxscript Rollout Handler Exception:-

Runtime error: fileStream cannot create: c:\MaxMetaDataReport.dat

Any ideas?


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thanks a lot.i saw the

thanks a lot.i saw the changes in maxscript help file. but couldn't make it to work.
just one thing. the DAT file path to c: root was causing me an error i changed it to some other folder and it was fine.may be something with UAC.i am using max design 2012.

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