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Paul Neale

Designed for batch processing multiple max file with multiple scripts.

Batch it Max works something like the batch processing in Photo Shop, where you can create a series of actions, in this case a max script, and have it run on multiple files. Batch It Max will load each file, run the script and then save the file.

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Installation: Unzip package and place the .ms file in stdPlugs/stdScripts, and the .mcr file in ui/macroScripts and restart Max.
Open/Close Batch It Max can be found in the PEN Tools category in the customize dialog. 


Scripts Directory: Set the directory were the batch scripts are saved.
Process Directory: Root directory where the Max files to be processed are located.
Overwrite Files on Save: Will force the files that have been processed to be saved over.
Dont Save Files:
Will force the saving of files to be disabled. This can be used if the
batch processing script will be doing the saving for you.
Save Files To: Directory the Max files will be saved to after processing.
Save Log File: Turns on the writing of which files were processed with which scripts.
Set Log File: Set the path and file name to the log file.
Read Log File: Opens the log file in a Max script window for reading.
Select Batch Scripts to Run:
Select one of multiple Max scripts to run. The scripts will be run in
order that they show up in the list. If you want to run scripts in a
specific order it is best to set up a script that uses FileIn to run
each of the scripts that you need.
Search By File Name:
Type in a name to search for in the Max Files To Process list. Any
files containing the string that is entered will be selected for batch
Get Files: Collects all the files in the Process Directory field and displays them in the Max Files to Process list.
Recurse: Forces all Max files that are in sub directories of the Process Directory to collected.
Select All: Selects all Max files in the list.
Deselect All : Deselects all the files in the list.
Process: Starts the batch process running.
Close: Closes Batch It Max.
Select Max Files to Process: List of all the collected files that can be processed. Only the selected files in the list will be processed.

Version Requirement: 
Max 4x,5x,6x,7x,8x,9x
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mrsamlarge's picture

Open file prompts

Hey, I was looking at using this to re-path a bunch of assets used from one of our other assets. Is it affected by prompts such as scene scale/gamma?

rachka's picture

Re-path a bunch of max files at once

Hi Christopher! I'm interested in how exactly you re-pathed those files via "Batch it Max" script and "Relink Bitmaps". I had such an idea in mind for a long time and searched for a script doing exactly this - re-pathing a bunch of max files at once. Or is there in Scriptspot a certain script to do this? Thank you!

lantlant's picture

I tried it but it did not

I tried it but it did not work.. :( (max9 sp2)

zahid hasan's picture

good idea. can you be more

good idea. can you be more specific how to use it with relinkbitmap as batch.

ps. just got the details from the relinkbitmap webpage.working nicely

Christopher Grant's picture

Great script - I just used

Great script - I just used it in conjunction with "Relink Bitmaps" in command line mode to re-path a few hundred AXYZ-Design assets.

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