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Fred Moreau

Batch Render Wizard is a Scripted Floating Modeless Dialog that allows the quick setup of Batch Render combinations of Cameras, Scene States and Render Presets. It leverages 3ds Max built-in Batch Render system which allows saving Command Line Batch files, Net Render, and also saves everything in the scene so that other users don't even need this script.

Batch Render Wizard Example

Batch Render Wizard UI

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Features :

  • Batch Render as many combinations of Cameras, Scene States and Render Presets, at Once !
  • Never have to manually Create, Name or Setup a Batch Render
  • Uses 3ds Max built-in Batch Render system ; Everything is saved in the 3ds Max File and other users don't even need the script
  • File Naming Conventions allows the saving of Directory Structures and File Name Patterns
  • File Naming Conventions are "Invalid Character Safe"
  • Target Directories are automatically created
  • Ability to save unlimited number of File Naming Conventions
  • Naming Conventions can use special tokens for the name of the cameras, scene states, project name, scene file name, extension, render presets and other overriden parameter values
  • Batch Render Presets Override
  • Batch Render Automatic Naming (No Conflict Possible)
  • Empty (Clear) Batch Render Entries in one click
  • Adds 3dsMax Root directory to your PATH Env. Variable so that Command Line Batch Rendering works right away
Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9.0 SP1
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NicolasC's picture

Waste of time


Fred Moreau is not answering anymore, website AdverSoftware offline ... I guess one shouldn't waste time anymore on this one ! a pity, but I think it's the best solution.


NicolasC's picture

Is it still developped ???

Could be very useful, but I'm now stuck on the error message talking about IE security settings .. but no matter what I do on these settings, no way to get the tool working :(
Please, Fred, do something ;)

Thanks !


fajar's picture



NicolasC's picture

Same here at the

Same here at the office:(
I've really disappointed, since I tested it at home, and this tool does almost everything we need when it comes to use batch render ...
I'd rather make a donation and be free of that crap.


nameveiof's picture

Not works

Not works
every time i press menu item Adversoftware i see popup window.

Adver Software
This MaxScript is sponsored by Advertising revenue and requires that you are connected to the Internet.
If you are connected, then make sure that Internet Explorer runs properly,and that its Security Settings are set to medium or lower.

but IE installed and all security settings is ok

Fred Moreau seems to know just how to create alert window and very proud of this D

tosh's picture

how to remove it?!!

how to remove it?!!

jahrasta's picture

JPG rendering issue

Hey, thanks for this lifesaver of a script. I think there is great potential for this. Sooooo simple to setup multple render for different scene states, cameras, and etc. Simply awesome.

I am having a problem however. I am trying to render a .jpg sequence which works fine, but the .jpgs are not actually jpg's despite the file name and extension. They will not open in photoshop due to a jpg header issue. When I rename the extensions to .png everything works fine. So they are jpg's by name, but exist truly as .pngs Any help would be great!

noel_d3's picture

Realy great !

I waited something like this from long ago.

Thx Fred.

AdverSoftware's picture

German word for Rendering

I'm finished with all the bug tracking. Now if someone can give me the name of the Rendering Menu in the German version of 3dsmax, I'll post Version 1.01 right away!
if you can try the following in MaxScript listener :
menuMan.findMenu "&Rendering"
(replace Rendering with the German word but keep the "&" sign)
It should return MixinInterface:menu


AdverSoftware's picture

One last thing to fix... Drop

One last thing to fix...
Drop me a mail, or use the form on the website. I'll send you the RC.
Thanks for your interest.

Thanks !

Fred Moreau

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