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This is a quick and simple script that lets you set the bevel type with a hotkey so you no longer need to open up the bevel settings dialog. Works with any Editable Poly object or with any Edit Poly modifier.

Install the macroscript and you'll find it listed under the Burke Studios category. Assign this macroscript to a hot key so that you can access it quickly. The script uses a timer to determine which bevel mode to enable:

1. Hit the hot key ONCE and the bevel type will be set to -Local Normal
2. Hit the hot key TWICE quickly and the bevel type will be set to -By Polygon
3. Hit the hot key THREE TIMES quickly and the bevel type will be set to -Group which is the default setting.

The script only works when the object you are modifying is an Editable Poly object or you are working within an Edit Poly modifier.

The current bevel mode is shown in the prompt window at the bottom of the screen.

Curiously, you can switch the bevel mode in the middle of a bevel if you are working with Edit Poly (i.e. switch from local to polygon mode and you'll see the change immediately.) Editable Poly, however, won't update the bevel type mid-bevel . . . you'll have to set the bevel type first and then do the bevel.

Hopefully people find this useful. I wrote it for my brother who got tired of changing the bevel type manually over and over again.

The script probably works with any version of 3ds max but haven't tested with anything other than 3ds max 2011 and 3ds max 2014.

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