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Hard Edges Selection (maxscript pack)

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Hard Edges Selection maxscript pack is couple of maxscript which allows select Hard Edges in Editable Poly object or in Edit Poly modifier in 3ds Max. Hard edges – this is edges between smoothing groups. You can see it if you check Display Hard Edges parameter in Editable/Edit Poly.
Script pack contains scripts:
- Hard Edges Selection
- Hard Edges Selection (Expand)


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All this works by single hotkey.


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This simple tool allows you to detach Editable Poly and Editable Mesh objects in a specific way.

Select By Face Area

2 votes

Simple tool for selecting polygons by area with a few options

Detach Elements

69 votes

Detach all elements on multiple objects with a few options for better scene arrangement,
including convert to mesh, group by source or link to source or point helper.

Detach Elements


12 votes

Cut-connect two selected verts or edges of the current Editable poly object.

Snap Verts

7 votes

Snaps selected vertices to the closest vertices of the target object.
Works on Editable_Poly and Edit_Poly, at any level in any modifier stack.
Also works inside the same mesh (if you pick the same object as target object)

This is based on this script: http://visionlore.com/lab/snapverttovert.php

Quadro buttons - hotkeys on four buttons

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Allows 4 buttons to add many features. If you are tired of running around the keyboard as a pianist and assigning a bunch of combinations, you have the opportunity to put a script and use 4 buttons for modeling (the main functions are assigned).

It works like this: Functions for Editable Polygon, Edit Poly, And some modifiers, are assigned to 4 buttons, which work in different modes in different ways, depending on which sub category you are in (or which modifier is currently selected.)
Sory for my English

Border Fill

36 votes

Fills a border with quads. Selects the newly created faces (sometimes you want to do an inset afterwards) and verts (sometimes you might want to relax them)

Grid Fill


8 votes

v2.1 Added tool which works by selected axis transform/ Добавлен инструмент, который работает по выбранной оси трансформации.

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