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Bitmap Script Convertor is a tool for conversion of image bitmap 256 colors into Maxscript code. It is envisaged in the beginning to code the icones scripts - but also makes it possible to have information of an image in ASCII in order to modify them with any basic programme of change of chains of text.

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A) Package

Bitmap Script Converter version 1.2 is delivered in French version and English.

Here is the detailed contents of the package:
- French version of the program
- English version of the program
- Bs.jpg: image of the logo
- readme.txt: information ( this file)
- documentation completes
- Files of examples
- Small library of icons for test

B) Directory

To install the program - just copy the or according to the chosen version - as well as bs.jpg in your scripts directory. By default - c:3dsmaxscripts

C) Loading

To load the program - choose the Utilities tab of the command panel. Press the Maxscript button. Press the Run Script button. A dialog invites you to load a script. You can choose Bitmap Script Converter.

Version Requirement: 
4; 3
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