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This is a scripted modifier. Place this script in your scripts/startup directory and restart Max. This modifier can be added to any object and is designed to hold Custom Attributes. There are added tools for keying and reseting all the CA's as well as saving presets and copy/paste functions. You can also save the presets out to a text file to be loaded on other objects in the scene.

Ultra Edit Syntax File

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This is a syntax file for Ultra Edit.

Working at Autodesk - I have had access to resources that most folks don't have - and using procedural methods - have generated an authoritative syntax file for Ultra Edit.
It lists
Every single scripter visible class
Every single scripter visible function - including functions off of global const structs

Bitmap Convertor

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Bitmap Script Convertor is a tool for conversion of image bitmap 256 colors into Maxscript code. It is envisaged in the beginning to code the icones scripts - but also makes it possible to have information of an image in ASCII in order to modify them with any basic programme of change of chains of text.


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Using this - Max can send a message to another computer on your network to report that a render has finished. Useful when working on multiple machines.


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ScriptMan is a MaxScript designed to help scripters when working on big projects with multiple files. It allows you to browse the script files - open them for editing and execute them. It also supports favorites.

Node Store

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In Max6 'this' has been added to the script controllers making it posible to reference the script controller itself. This means you can now use a Custom Attribute added to the script controller and store the nodes that the script will be accessing. Why you ask?


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With MacroManiac - you can easily create all kind of macros and presets.

Dynamic registration with mxscom

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If you are like me - you have multiple max installations on your machine - but you want to use your favorite 3rd party text editor (via rezn8's mxscome bridge) with all of them. However if you are like me - you are probably tired of manually pointing mxscom to your particular installation of max everytime you want to switch.

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