Blend Mesh

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Instead of morphing between two nodes, this modifier allows you to morph between a state of the model before adding one or multiple modifiers and after that (provided that they don't change the object's topology). It works with soft selection – you can select just a part of the mesh to be changed. Up to 30 states in the stack can be saved on a single node, there are 30 data channels to choose from

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Usage: Insert a BlendMeshPrepare modifier in the position in the modifier stack you want to blend into. If you want to blend a part of the mesh only, add a mesh/poly select modifier, check soft selection and select the part you want to transform. Then add a BlendMesh modifier with the same channel in the position you want to blend from and change the Weight value to your liking.

Installation: Copy the .ms files to your scripts\startup folder.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2016
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