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Aapo Peltola

Box Trick Tool

Made as a small school project to fix broken objects in 3Ds Max. Sometimes 3Ds Max brakes your objects in a way that Reset Xform is not enough. With this tool you can easily fix most of your broken objects. I've used this method for a long time and know other people who use it too.

It is very simple: it makes a small box, attaches it to your broken object and then removes the faces of the generated box. You can select if the box (and therefore the new pivot point) is made in the origo of the scene or in a pivot point of a seperately selected box. It also keeps the original name of the broken object.

The script has been tested in 2012, 2013 and 2014 but should work with almost any version.


  • download the *.ms-file and put in the \3dsmax\scripts\ -folder.
  • run the script once in 3Ds Max
  • go to Customize... in your toolbar, select the Toolbars tab, select Category: AapoScripts and then just drag and drop "Object fixer with box trick" in to your toolbar

How to use:

  • open the Box Trick Tool dialog
  • select whether you want the pivot to be in origo or in a pivot point of a selected object (if there is no object selected, the pivot point will be in origo)
  • click the "Select your Object" if you chose the creation location to be in a specific object pivot
  • then just click "Select object and MAGIC!" to run the script

Feel free to send any questions or feedback!

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Nice but any chance of a simplified version

I could use this all the time, we are always receiving bad geometry normally from Archicad. The only thing is we always want to preserve Name, Pivot location and layer of the original object. Could this script be tweaked to incorporate layer matching and without using the option box? Just Always match pivot, name and layer of selected object? I have been trying myself all day but am not a scripter and can't work it out. Cheers

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3D photo Editor

Box Trick Tool is a cool app. It helps user to edit photos, pictures. User can modify images according to his necessity. This tool is used for making changes in 3D photos. This tool is very important to 3Ds Max. User can change 3D pics, add 3D pics. This tool is meant for repairing the broken objects. So that this tool can help the user in many ways of 3Ds Max.
Other software is there for making changes in 3Ds max.
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Just make an empty node and

Just make an empty node and attach the existing. You do not need to make a box.

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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The only problem here is that you convert object to poly every time when pivot position is changed which is not good idea.
If you ask me I will probably use this method.
Say thanks to Denis Trofimov ;)


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