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Martin Dufour

Hi everyone,
this is my new generate missing connection in between individual spline and also come with a tree generator as a bonus :-)

Version Histories : ---------------------------------------

0.804.07-->first initial release.

0.804.12-->some minor fix.

0.804.12-->speed improvement while in interactive mode.

0.804.18-->fixed autogen state not updating on disable.

0.804.18-->fixed autoclean that disabled autogen instead of autoclean.(oups...I must stop coffee for a while :-)

0.804.18-->added ini settings.

0.804.18-->fixed a bug with the 2 reset button.

0.804.18-->added better macroScript install.

0.804.19-->fixed a bug with ini settings.

0.804.20-->increased internal weld distance for the generated root branch.(failed most of the time in 32bit)

0.804.20-->pivot of generated splines is now set to the position of their first vertex, to allow better manual adjustment.

0.804.20-->some build speed improvement.

0.804.30-->fixed a possible resize bug, that I introduced by mistake in version 0.804.20

0.804.30-->added optional relax step for the connection border.

0.804.30-->re-enabled # sides selection, this parameter wont be saved.

0.804.42-->changed the reset seek distance to 30.

0.804.42-->fixed relax spinner error.

0.804.42-->increased minimum heap to 128 ...still it crash with large number of branch. I have no clue as to why at this point, they seam to be no memory's really is a dead end I told you :-(

0.804.42-->removed second stage weld as it's not really helping I think...let me know if you see degrade in connection quality.

0.805.01-->added step mode, so that the user can break out, without having to kill the 3dsmax process.

0.805.01-->reset, now reset the relax value as well.

0.805.01-->some good speed optimization for the connect process...but it still crash $%$%$#

0.805.02-->oups, posted the debug ;-)

0.805.23-->fixed the crash bug. it was a design flaw and not really 3dsmax fault...but anyway now it gone for good :-)

0.805.23-->fixed spinner misalignment.(just figured this out when I tested under max2009)

0.805.23-->some other tweak.

0.806.01-->tweaked the resize function, it should fail less often.

0.806.01-->script now reject spline with less than 3 vertex to prevent crash.

0.807.27-->mostly generator improvement...too much to list here :-)

0.811.65-->added missing parameter to the generator reset button.

0.811.65-->fixed resize function, should not fail anymore.

0.811.65-->+\- 500% speed increase for first connect step.

0.811.65-->added system max supported connection, script will warn if you try to build pass that number.

0.811.65-->added build time, failed connection and out of range connection to the summary section.

0.811.65-->added spinner to control final face smooth angle.

0.811.65-->improved the branch orientation for the generator.

0.811.65-->added per iteration skip connection.

0.811.65-->lot of other tweak.

0.812.01-->tweaked distance from root for the split option, should help for overlapping connection but I still need to work on this !

0.812.01-->added tab for the different ui section.

0.812.01-->added serial activation methods.

0.812.01-->script now use "Base size" as value for the constant resize mode.

0.812.01-->added preset import/export.

0.812.01-->tweaked the seed for secondary branch.

0.812.01-->added skip for Command Panel check on script start. To enable, declare : ( global BranchySkipCheck=1 ) before you start the script.

0.812.01-->script now accept 2 vertex spline since I do not remove the end vertex anymore.

0.812.01-->added two little func I needed to the advanced tab.

0.812.02-->....humm well we wont talk about this version too much :-(

0.812.03-->Fixed the relax function with an auto-relax function based on branch size, so now relax value serve as an additional relax amount.

0.812.03-->Fixed the relax potential crash.

0.812.04-->Autorelax function now use relax spinner value instead of the forced 1.0 value in 0.812.03.

0.812.04-->Critical Update :: Fixed No ""-"" function for undefined when using relax.(introduced in 0.812.03)

0.812.04-->SystemMax progressbar now display the correct ratio.

0.812.28-->Added connection interpolation.

0.812.28-->Added Branch parenting functionality.

0.812.28-->Fixed initialization error.

0.812.28-->Added a new Connect mode.

0.812.28-->lot of other tweak.

0.812.29-->Fixed resize when using the new interpolation mode.

0.812.29-->Added DoubleWeld for the new connect mode.(ini setting, Default:false)

0.836.51-->complete rewrite of the infinite connect mode.

0.836.51-->fixed the linear connect mode(it no longer crash with large amount of branchs.)

0.836.51-->the Script will no longer disappear in vista/win7 as this was not really helping, in fact, it seam to be some bug with directx, the only way I know where you won't lose viewport redraw, is to switch viewport rendering to opengl.

0.836.51-->added skip Intermediate pos for the infinite connect mode.

0.836.51-->added average connection for the infinite connect mode.(should work well with tree, but you may need to disable it and use seek distance instead for circular connection)

0.836.51-->added self connect for the infinite connect mode.(this allow all points to be connected)

0.836.51-->added match per point for the infinite connect mode.(this set own many connections each point can have)

0.836.51-->fixed a bug where the script was unable to get the user MAC address.

0.836.51-->fixed a bug with the timestamps.(showed 'hrs' extension instead of 'min')

0.836.51-->added a new default button for the Infinite connect mode.

0.836.51-->fixed, relax was set to origin instead of target.(0.824.02)

0.836.51-->fixed, hole size was set to origin instead of target.(0.824.02)

0.836.51-->added an option to automatically switch to summary when the connect is finished.

0.836.51-->Improved the divergence parameter of the generator.

0.836.51-->Improved the Branch distribution/orientation of the generator.

0.836.51-->Improved the distance offset of the generator, use a value near the max branch size for best result.

0.836.51-->added Attach Only/None connect mode for faster preview.

0.836.51-->Seek distance is now used only for infinite mode, it have no effect on linear mode.

0.836.51-->some other tweak.

0.836.53-->fixed a bug with infinite mode(default value was not set, causing it to fail most of the time)

0.836.53-->improved MAC address getting but it hard to tell if it will work on non English OS.

0.838.01-->fixed the timestamp.

0.838.01-->fixed a bug(vertex index out of range) with linear mode when the pos to be connected was too close from border compared to it's size.(it still may create a little mess near the border when it happen)

0.838.01-->rewrite of the linear connect mode with speed/precission in mind.(I don't think I could speed it more than this :-)

0.838.01-->added 'InternalSearchRange' setting to the ini file to control the internal search range of the linear mode, the higher the slower.(Default:5.0)

0.838.01-->unlocked for max2011, I don't have it so can't really tell if it will work ...can someone confirm it to me ???

0.838.01-->added a new demo mode so that anyone can try it, note that the new infinite mode is only available to registered user...Cheer :-)




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crystal3d's picture

hello, i think i can use this as a road tool with branching.

suppose i use 4 sided meshes , but wonder if it will handle elevated road lines properly, guess i will have to find out :)

thanks for the contribution!

MarTroYx's picture

Hi Yuji, I suppose you are

Hi Yuji,
I suppose you are talking about the version 0.838 because the new version was not version checked!
I've uploaded a new version without the version check and I also fixed another bug that prevented the rollout from getting a pointer to itself that was mentioned by someone else.

let me know if it does work in 2012 because i can't test it here !


Yuji's picture

Does nothing for me. Max 2012

Does nothing for me. Max 2012 64 bit, any instructions maybe I'm doing it wrong?

lordraidis's picture

Ok, new issue here... The

Ok, new issue here...

The polygen tool appears to not be working correctly. It generates all the spline trees just fine on each face, but when I hit the "build" button it goes through all the motions but only generates one tree, and ignores all the other splines. Suggestions?

lordraidis's picture

ok, i think i found the

ok, i think i found the problem--i was running the install script in administration mode, so i simply deactivated it re-ran the branchy install in regular mode...... presto! not sure if that was the real source of the problem but it worked at any rate.

lordraidis's picture

i'm still having trouble

i'm still having trouble authorizing this... any suggestions?

MarTroYx's picture

Here The new update ... I'm

Here The new update ... I'm almost finished with the connection ....but still there is some inversion that I need to find, but the good new is that I don't use the bridge anymore so it is way faster :-)

anyway ... have fun !

MarTroYx's picture

Oups, just fixed a little bug

Oups, just fixed a little bug :-)

MarTroYx's picture

Welcome everyone !I was

Welcome everyone !

I was getting so nostalgic about maxscript since my last post that I through I'll do some to remember me

of the good old day. I did'nt even opened 3dsmax for almost a year, since, well since branchy :-)

so I ended up rewriting branchy from scratch ...that true, all brand new :-)

you will notice a couple of new thing in this version that I need to talk about.

first, the tree generator from the old version has been removed as I wanted to focus more

on the infinite connect mode that was not working. I also removed the function from the advanced

panel ... those thing has been removed and I don't think I going to reimplement them back.

second, there's still a bug with the connect that appear when using more than a match per point.

I know why but this would require quite a bit of change ... I'll fix this asap !

and last let talk about some the interface element ...

1 : the set as root button does nothing for now, it will be used on more advanced resize mode later on.

2 : the ">" button just say that you want the script to rescan the entire scene every time you press the execute button.

3 : when you notice bad connection play with the seek distance that may get you to the result you want.

that it for now, I think all the other function a prety self explanatory.

if you have any question or want to report a bug, please feel free to ask.

Have fun,


MarTroYx's picture

ok, here it is , I could'nt

ok, here it is , I could'nt find exactly the original one but I think this is as close as it get !
anyway , this version is only for those with activation problem , because this one has'nt been fully tested.
I think I was messing with the spline gathering at this time , so expect some strange thing :-)

Have fun,

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