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Pavel Parashkevov

When you import CAD file into 3d studio max it usually contains some "extra" data and the so called body objects. Also it contains some hierarchy and you cannot group objects.
The Script converts all this "extra" data to native 3ds studio max objects (typicaly lowering the polygon count almost twice:), but retains the instancing from the original CAD file.

This lets you group and manage your scene as typical max scene and stil use the istanced objects to quickly apply changes.
The script properly converts CAD body objects which contain geometry and splines in one body object.

Just copy the .mcr file in your 3dsmax/scripts/startup directory, then copy FixBlocks_16a.bmp and FixBlocks_16i.bmp in your UI_ln/icons (or IconsDark if you are using the dark UI sheme)
The category in the cusomize UI menu is called "fixes". Drag and drop into toolbar or assign a hotkey.

The script doesn't need any selections or anything else to work - just click on the icon or use your hotkey.

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3ds Max 2008 +
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