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This is simple script for importing CAD files (or you can change it whetever you like , like 3ds or fbx) from choosen directory , just double click the name of files in list box that appear and it will automatically import your CAD files and automatically save it in directory that you choose. it very usefull when it comes to import many CAD files in some directory.

Author note :  you can use it freely , free of charge and no limit, free to distribute and free to add it...... also if you add some function let me know.

New :

  • Its now  list FBX, 3DS model, OBJ, AI, etc in list box
  • Now you can open or merge max file or open or import other files that 3dsMax Import supported 
  • added recent directory history
  • Added batch file format converter (max to 3ds , obj to 3ds and else) also you can input your additional file extension (beware , use it own your own risk, use it only for max import and exoport support)

I hope youre all enjoy !
Happy max days.

PS: Configure your import or export setting before using this script.  

some feature still not implemented, maybe I'll do when I have a time again.     

Updated 12-02-2012 to v.3.0: 

  • Added support open, merged, import from subfolder from listbox
  • Minimize n maximize th not so crowd in the viewport 
  • Added support ms,mzp open n edit/view
  • added support opening and running mcr and mzp files
  • fixed little bug

I always kept it open someone can learn or input me...please give me input......bad thing , request thing ....usefull thing...or something.....


Next time I'll add feature proceesing importing fbx file (for max only)...also another relink external file tool, batch render....altho I dont know when it could be done......for now just enjoy it. 



Version Requirement: 
9 n Up
cad_importer_v2.0.mcr31.63 KB
cad_importer.mcr5.58 KB
cad_importer_3.0.mcr64.62 KB


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Fajar, nice script. Thank you.

Fajar, nice script. Thank you. In format dropdown list, may be you mean custom - not costum?

fajar's picture

move to 0,0,0 could be done,

move to 0,0,0 could be done, purge n xplode , I'll try find the method to do it......

alexyork3d's picture


Looks promising!

Could you please consider adding the following features for DWG import?

1) move drawing to 0,0,0 world origin

2) explode all blocks

3) purge

(in that order)

Not sure if these are possible but this would save a huge amount of time if so!

Many thanks.

Founder of Atelier York

fajar's picture

wait for me , im workin in

wait for me , im workin in this script wait for 2 or 3 days...I do improve this and add new feature too.....

best regard

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I tried to change the code to work it with 3ds files instead of dwgs but nothing showed up on the menu, is not replacing all "dwg" to "3ds" inside the codenot good enough?

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