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This script allows an easy distribution of an object along a path and adds a Wire-Parameter between the objects. it allows you to controll the whole animation on the path with the master object.  

You can also change the wire-color and randomize the parameters of rotation and scale.

Additional Info: 

Execute the script and select an object that has been already constrained to a path.
In the "Motion pannel" (beside the "Modify pannel"), you can check "Follow" and/or "Bank" if needed.
It uses the "Wire Parameters" between duplicated objects, so the master object controlls the animation of the others.
Script tested on 3ds max 2012. (May work on other version)


If you have a 3ds Max version prior the version 2011, you can download
the file "chaintool_v1.4_prior_version_2011.mse"

Otherwise, for the versions 2011 and 2012, it's recommanded to use "chaintool_v1.4.mse"


Changed in v1.1 :
-Refresh the screen correctly
Changed in v1.2 :
-Critical Bug with the spinner button corrected
Changed in v1.3 :
-Added "Pick Master Object" button
-Allow to create multiple chains
-Allow to choose a different wire-color for the duplicated objects
Changed in v1.4 :
-Corrected an error appearing when the controller "Position List" is missing
-Added "Randomize parameters" for rotation and scale

Version Requirement: 
2011, 2012
Video URL: 
chaintool_v1.2.mse1.98 KB
chaintool_v1.3.mse2.87 KB
chaintool_v1.4.mse (for 3ds Max 2011 and 2012)10.32 KB
chaintool_v1.4_prior_version_2011.mse10.15 KB


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It is a very useful

It is a very useful script.
spss help

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This one works on Max versions 8 and above.


Thanks for the follow up work.

It is a very useful script.

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Sorry, I used optional keyword argument only available since 3ds Max 2011.
I hope that I didn't forget an other parameter not available in previous versions...

Best regards.

chaintool_v1.4_prior_version_2009_sp1.mse 10.15 KB
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I must be doing something wrong

I get the following error with this script:

MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception
--Argument count error: uniqueName wanted 1, got 4

Then the OK button closes the error box.

I get this error with both 1.4 version.

This error occurs in versions of max for Max 8 and also for max versions 9.

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For version prior to 3ds Max 9 sp1

Try the attached file. It should work for versions prior to 3ds Max 9 sp1.
I hope it will work...

Best regards.

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this script requires version 2012

this script requires version 2012
too bad for me :-(

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Position List controller

Thank you for reporting this error.
For explanation :
Usually, I directly apply the path constraint from the
"Animation menu" -> "Constraints" and the "Position List controller" is automatically added.
Because the script only accesses to this controller, if it's missing, it will return the message that you saw.
I will try to handle this exception in the next update of my script.

Best regards.

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Bug - "Runtime error: connect requires subAnims"

There are exception appears if You'll try to change number of copies of object with directly applied path constrain controller.

1. Create path and object
2. Assign path constrain to object through Motion - Assign Controller and select path
3. Run script and pick the object
4. Change number of copies

The reason, i assume, in absence of Position List controller above Path constrain.
As soon if i'll add the Position List manually - it'll work.

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looking good and simple

Looks nice and simple judging by the video. I like to see some random parameter button (scale, rotation)for the next update, if possible. That said, thanks :)

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About version compatibility...

Sorry for this inconvenience, but which version(s) of 3ds max have you tested ?
Best regards.

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