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To overcome an issue of a spline Create Line method which would more often than not want to weld the vertices and/or not work at all I have first written a short function, and later on, having been asked to support multiple vertices, expanded it to this little script.

Vertex Selection UI

Installation: Download the .mcr file and either drop it in viewport or run it once. In Customize dialog you will then find the script in category Advanced.


Additional Info: 

The script is intended to be bound to a shortcut or used in a quadmenu. When exactly two vertices are selected, it will connect them, otherwise an UI will pop up asking you to pick vertices one by one and hit the button when you are done. When using the UI you also have a chance to pick either corner or smooth knot types. After the new spline is created, its vertices are selected, so you can for example change them all to bezier or move the whole lot somewhere else.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9, VIZ 2008
Other Software Required: 
for Max 9/VIZ 2008 AVGuard extension is needed
connect_spline_verts.mcr3.14 KB


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Thanks. It's just hard to find...

Oh, thanks for answer. I just search whole scriptspot site to find a automatical weld connect vertices script but all of them just create edge leave vertices unwelded (like yours). Honestly, I haven't find out one that do this connect command with correctly welded result.

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By design

As stated in the description, this script was created exactly to avoid the automatic weld. If you wonder about the use case, it's to aid creating a base for Surface modifier.

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Problem? or I missing something.

Nice feature but not work as expected. I expect when I connect 2 vertices in a spline, it'll be automatically welded, but here not the case. There's a newly created line between 2 vertices that I selected but it's a seperated pline, not the same pline. I've to go extra step to weld and that lost the purpose of this useful feature (quick connect with shortcut key).

I expected it works as well as standard "connect" command of spline 3ds max tool. But it doesn't.

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