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It's always annoyed me that I couldn't copy objects from one instance of max and paste them into another - as I work with 2 or 3 instances of max up at a time. It's tedious to do a save selected / merge objects so this script does it for you. It's not a TRUE copy/paste via the windows clipboard - but it will let you very quickly copy objects from one file to another.

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09-02-03 Update: just updated contact info in script header and changed version requirement to reflect current versions of 3ds max...

Select the objects you want to copy. Run 'copy script' (I assign mine to Ctrl+Shift+C). Now run the 'paste script' (I assign mine to Ctrl+Shift+V) into either the same file or you can load another instance of max and 'paste' the objects into it.

1. Click Maxscript / Run Script and choose wherever you downloaded this file to
1a. It will seem like nothing happened but that's exactly what it should do - you now need to assign a shortcut to it
2. Click Customize / Customize User Interface / Keyboard (tab)
3. Change the Category to 'CG_Tools'
4. Click 'Copy Objects to File' and change its Hotkey to something - maybe Ctrl+Shift+C .Click Assign
5. Click 'Paste Objects from File' and change its Hotkey to something - maybe Ctrl+Shift+V. Click Assign
6. Click Save and save your custom UI settings to a file - do yourself a favor and don't use the default.
7. That's it.

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 6-2009
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CopyPasteObjects.mcr2.63 KB


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Awsome Script! Thank you!!!!

Awsome Script! Thank you!!!!

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Thakns. It`s great!

Thakns. It`s great!

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Very useful

Excellent, and it works with max 2013 64bit

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Excellent script! Thank you so much.

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GREAT! tanks

GREAT! tanks

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so simple yet so useful :)!

so simple yet so useful :)! thanks!

edit: just to note, for people having the same issue: if you have two max instances opened that do have different project folders set, the default path in the script getDir #autoback will not work, so just change it to something like getDir #maxroot or "D:\yourFolder\" to make it work.

Never get low & slow & out of ideas

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Thanks for the awesome

Thanks for the awesome script, it really helps my workflow as I now generally have 2 3ds max's loaded up, one for assets and the other for the main model.
This script has also helped me quickly copy objects between networks.

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Man ... this is a BIG time

Man ... this is a BIG time saver ! thanks a lot for sharing this one !
By curiosity, is there any temp file(s) stored somewhere ? I'd like to know that just to avoid having one gigas of those :) :)
Thanks again.


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thx, Why is it not possible

Why is it not possible to make copy to clipboard with max?
I try fbx it's not a good solution at all.
materials attached to the obj are converted to standard.
If i save the scene mat file in 2010, max 2009 crash when I try to open it.
do you know a trick to open this mat file 2009 or lower version?
the problem is that I have a lots of complex vraymlt in the scene and can't access to it in 2009.

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Sorry but this script just

Sorry but this script just automates the 3ds max command "save selected" and "merge" which means it'll only work with 2 instances of the same version of max (ie 2010 -> 2010 or 2009 -> 2009)... Your best bet when sending data to an old max instance is to use FBX (make sure to download the latest FBX plugins from Autodesk first).

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