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It's always annoyed me that I couldn't copy objects from one instance of max and paste them into another - as I work with 2 or 3 instances of max up at a time. It's tedious to do a save selected / merge objects so this script does it for you. It's not a TRUE copy/paste via the windows clipboard - but it will let you very quickly copy objects from one file to another.

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09-02-03 Update: just updated contact info in script header and changed version requirement to reflect current versions of 3ds max...

Select the objects you want to copy. Run 'copy script' (I assign mine to Ctrl+Shift+C). Now run the 'paste script' (I assign mine to Ctrl+Shift+V) into either the same file or you can load another instance of max and 'paste' the objects into it.

1. Click Maxscript / Run Script and choose wherever you downloaded this file to
1a. It will seem like nothing happened but that's exactly what it should do - you now need to assign a shortcut to it
2. Click Customize / Customize User Interface / Keyboard (tab)
3. Change the Category to 'CG_Tools'
4. Click 'Copy Objects to File' and change its Hotkey to something - maybe Ctrl+Shift+C .Click Assign
5. Click 'Paste Objects from File' and change its Hotkey to something - maybe Ctrl+Shift+V. Click Assign
6. Click Save and save your custom UI settings to a file - do yourself a favor and don't use the default.
7. That's it.

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 6-2009
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CopyPasteObjects.mcr2.63 KB


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Great, thanks.



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For the time being just

For the time being just right click on the file attachment and click "Save link as" or "Save target as" and follow instructions above... I'll make a change on the server so this isn't a problem in the future.

Christopher Grant

Christopher Grant

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Need Help! For some reason

Need Help!

For some reason i am not able to download the script. every time i click on the link it shows a text file type with the description. Can someone please guide me how to get this work. Max Version 2010 Design.

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How to make it work in

How to make it work in network? since it's copy the source in local computer (ex: C:\Windows\Temp) only, how if it work on network, are we must meke a new path....?

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thanx very much. getting

thanx very much. getting into max i was surprized this function didnt exist... now it does, well done :)

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Great script! Thx!

Great script!

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Good Day! I'm new

Good Day!

I'm new wondering if how does works the copy and paste command..i tried your instruction but it does not work..if you dont mind can you show me how will i do that, im using 3d max 2009.

thank you and more power!!!

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Hi, Tried the script in

Hi, Tried the script in max2010 and it failed.
Apparently max2010 insists on linking ctrl alt c to Particle Flow: Repair PFlow Cache System
so disable that key link and it will work.
Also i made it smaller since i didnt find my DIR:

macroScript Copy_Objects_To_File Category:"CG_Tools" toolTip:"Copy Objects to File"
if $ != undefined do
saveNodes $ "C:\Temp\pastefile2010.max"

macroScript Paste_Objects_From_File Category:"CG_Tools" toolTip:"Paste Objects from File"
mergemaxfile "C:\Temp\pastefile2010.max" #select --this merges ("pastes") and selects objects from file

Of course you need the c:\temp dir
Thx for your great script.

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Thank you very much :-)) It

Thank you very much :-))
It was a stupid question : all explanations are in your script !!! very handy script !

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"Good script. But I can't

"Good script. But I can't copy/paste from max32 to max64...:-("

The script just automates a "save selected" command to a file in your 3ds max autoback folder (as specified in customize/"configure user paths"). I'd guess your 64 bit '09 and 32 bit '09 have different autoback locations / project folders which is what keeps it from working the way you want.

There are 2 things you could do to solve this. First - verify / change your 32/64 bit installs to use the same project folder location.

Alternatively - you could open up the script and force the file to be stored somewhere else by changing the 2 lines that look like this:

thecopypastedir = getdir #autoback

to this:

thecopypastedir = "C:"

which would make the temporary file get stored on the root of C (not recommended - change this to whatever you want). Keep in mind that paths in maxscript use either a single forward slash / or double backslash \\

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