Copy-paste editable poly selection

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If you have 2 copies of the same object, this plugin allows you to copy current selection of verts from one to another.

Version Requirement: 
3DS Max 2010 or higher
Other Software Required: 
No other software required
copy-paste_editable_poly_selection.ms1.54 KB


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miauu's picture


Totally agree with both of you.

And if you check his account here, on scriptspot, his name is no longer Crea3D, it is u6(and was U6Soft before to become u6). Maybe when you check it the name will be changed to something new(or old).
Why is this changing of scripts, threads, comments, user accounts, names if everything is OK?

vusta's picture

it's just a dummy script

its purpose is so that the author can switch some other script being scrutinised by users to a 'dummy' script to get rid of the (negative) comment history (ie. this one gets a clean slate.....for a time until people tweak and say.....heeeeeeeeey, what's going on here ?)

If you check the author's 'folio', he's got 2 scripts....soon you're gonna run out of options, need more 'dummy' scripts I say.

(this must be the False Trail System)

denisT's picture

If "maxscript protect is

If "maxscript protect is written by the same person as this "copy/paste script" you can see the skill level of this person.
This level just does not allow to make something useful.

brainsgonedead's picture

The point to this is?

Hi, I just tried this script. It serves little point, I usually just copy and paste the mod stack on the other object. This seems like a pointless script sorry.

U6Soft's picture

All of this misunderstandings

All of this misunderstandings is on the basis of one comment about the old version which had some issues. This topic took a wrong direction so I'm closing it.

U6Soft's picture

Ok. Despite the fact that you

Ok. Despite the fact that you did not believe me, it was never a fake! The plugin is absolutely working. I understand your worry about absence of demo version and samples. Also I respect your opinions so I'll think about making Maxscript protector free.

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And we have another change of the name of the thread. This thread is not for Maxscript Protector anymore. :) I am wondering when a new thread for Maxscript protector will occur.

Coder's picture

It's sad to see this

It's sad to see this developer lie to the users about being the "best" max script protection there is.

"It totally packs your script into encrypted environment so no one can decrypt it as ordinary mse and get the source code."

That statement is 100% wrong. Scripts using this maxscript protector can be decrypted very easy so that the source code is fully readable, and I can prove it.

Don't buy this with the hope to protect your scripts. It's better than the default max encryption, but still a very poor protection.

fajar's picture

I wonder why admin still not

I wonder why admin still not proceed this guy IP ?

Smallpoly's picture

Wow, seems like a real

Wow, seems like a real scumbag. Calls into question whether his thing even actually works.

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