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Copy Paste is a 3ds Max tool that allows teams or individuals to copy and paste objects, materials, or modifiers across multiple instances of 3ds Max. It supports sharing these copy/paste buffers in shared locations on the network or local on your computer. The tool helps to keep everyone up to date with real time updates anytime a new copy is created or modified.


Features v1.0.0

  • 3ds Max 2021 or later
  • Supports customizable save locations for the copy buffers
  • Real time updating across multiple people
    • Which means if you decide to share the same ‘save’ location for your copies to be stored, anytime a new copy is made or removed your tool will update in realtime
  • Unlimited number of copy slots
  • Supports copying objects, materials or objects across multiple instances of 3ds Max
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Hello. The script is

Hello. The script is interesting. I have some ideas how to improve it. And I am ready to buy it with such improvements

1. I work with several colleagues via the internet, cloud storage. You constantly need to send and receive something. You need to be able to select multiple users and folders associated with these users. for example, there is User 1, he sent me a Box, now I want to send a Sphere to User 2. I selected a sphere from the list and sent it to him. In the settings, you need the ability to change the number of users (decrease and increase). And if you want, even change the order of their location.

2. Among all the files sent, it is not always possible to understand what was sent. Poor preview or too small details, a lot of files, etc. Therefore, it is very important to be able to comment. For example: "the facade of the building is old" or "the paving slabs are updated". Especially in architectural visualization, where the huge scale is relevant and the preview may not save.

3. Sort files at least by name and date so that the newest appears at the top. This is also very important!

Thank you for your work, many of your scripts are very useful, I am constantly watching what you will create!

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Nice :)

Is there a reason why this wouldn't work in Max2020?

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