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This maxscript allows you to copy a selected vertex into a clipboard and later paste. There are two versions of the maxscript - simple and advanced. Simple let's you copy and paste a single vertex's x -y - and z coordinates. The Advanced version let's you specify which dimension to paste (x -y - or z) and also can paste a single dimension value into several selected vertices.

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I use this script when i am seaming soon-to-be Poser character files. Sometimes i need a vertex in one object group to rest in the same space as a vertex in another object group. I wrote this script to make the job much faster. I have this maxscript assigned as a Hotkey in my user interface. Archive contains two maxscript files. is the simple version. has the simple version in a rollout and an advanced version for x - y - and z pasting across multiple vertices (optional). I included the simple version as a guide for future maxscripters.

You can add this to your StudioMax menu buttons by opening this script in the MaxScript Editor and dragging the code into a toolbar. Or - just move it to your 3dsmax6/scripts folder and run them from the utilities menu.

This maxscript was written and tested in StudioMax version 6 and version 3. If you have success or failure on additional versions - please let me know via our help page.

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6; 5; 4; 3
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