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Colin Senner

This script allows you to copy and paste properties from one object to another (or multiple at once).

This is useful for copying camera settings from one to another. Although it will do any type of object you copy from. You can easily include/exclude any properties you DONT want copied (like FOV, focal length, etc).

Run the script:
1. In Max goto "Customize -> Customize User Interface -> Toolbars tab -> Category: ColinScripts->Properties (Copy)" and "Properties (Paste)" and drag them to a toolbar.

You can also copy an object's properties from one open max file to another open max instance because the script just writes a txt file with the properties.

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Max 9+
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Thank you, bro!

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nice script, thanks

nice script, thanks

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One max 2014 scene: on AlembicTimeControl object in curve editor i assign easy curve to "current" - make some changes in curve, Copy props via script - then 2 ways i try:
In other parralel max 2014 scene at same AlembicTimeControl object,
- try to paste via script - popup error.
- on same object in curve editor i create easy curve with out any modification, then close it and paste via script - pop up error.

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I have never tried it. Can

I have never tried it. Can you tell me how to reproduce the error and I'll fix it? Thanks

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Hi Colin. Very useful script. thank you. I`m trying to copy paste easy curve from one alembic controller to another in other file. It gave me error. Is script working with curves?

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yeah I noticed that too. I

yeah I noticed that too. I couldn't figure out why they don't work at all. I'll just remove the motion blur stuff for the moment.

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It does not change any

It does not change any position information just all of the camera parameters (or any object's parameters, lights, etc).

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Great work on adding object properties!

All checkboxes apart form motion blur section are working perfectly, great job Colin. Motion blur enable checkbox, multiplier and radio buttons are not working but i think this is not important at all. If renderer properties could work in future that would be so so useful and great.

Thanks a lot!

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Great script!

I'll check it but is it allows to copy camera settings with camera and its target positions? would be very helpful to add new frame to animated camera from camera in scene

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Colin, thank you very much!

You are right, it is the same in finalRender as you have described the process in Vray. So, selecting 1 or more objects...right click...object properties...finalRender properties tab...checking/unchecking checkboxes. :)
In that sense if there is general method for you to do that, i believe what will work with Vray will work for fR too, i will test it deeply and let you know.

Many thanks!

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