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This script allows us to quickly create a wall using the shape (linee, text, circle ecc..)


----- Features

-- support for multiple objects
-- reverse knots order of selected spline or all "attached" shapes
-- 2 modes: use offset shape and extrude modifier method or combo with extrude and shell modifier which is more flexible solution for sure
-- created modifiers can be instance or copy

-- wirecolor option (solid or random color)
-- option for unique name

-- Extrude props: Segs, Map Coords, Caps
-- Shell props: Segs, Autosmooth, Override Inner - Outher - Edge Mat ID (always use the form "number-number-number" ei. "1-2-3" or "3-2-1" or ...)
-- Auto multimaterial (for edge-shell mode) with tree custom diffuse colors
-- Convert selected shapes to spline shapes



Ideea initial by Michele71 and code script and more options by  barigazy

Script required by Gabriel Corazza

Additional Info: 

Run Script normally

Version Requirement: 
2009 and higher
createquickwall.rar52.66 KB


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Michele71's picture

Convert the splines in

Convert the splines in EditSpline?

shanopod's picture

how does

just a does this work..I have some splines selected and when I press create wall, nothing happens


Kurai's picture


Many thanks for the MCR file. Works great now :)

It would be nice to have a few 'custom presets'.... instead of having to fill in menu.

Ariel_G has created a 'Reference Guides' tool for creating construction lines.
But nobody yet has made a good 'tape-measure' that works as smooth as Sketchup.

This would be the Holy Grail for all architects. A measuring system that helps you place windows, doors, walls and lighting very quickly.

barigazy's picture


That's because is not macro script.
Drag & drop *.mcr file into the viewport and you can find it under category "Michele71"

create_quick_wall.mcr 6.82 KB


Kurai's picture


I really like this tool. Perfect:))))

I have crossed over from the happy land of Sketchup to the dark world of Max and have to really think before I do anything now. I don't like editing pologons or extruding cos it's too much micro mangaging. I prefer to use the spline and box to create buildings onto imported Sketchup plans.

This tool has made something that SHOULD be very simple... simple again.
It's a thing of beauty!

It's great to finally find a script I can relate to.

Many thanks.

PS - But, I cannot find it under 'customize tools'.

Derp Meowslurp's picture

This is great!

Thanks for the script. This is really handy for making custom shapes out of splines and have it all quads. really like this.

All your scriptz are belong to me!

barigazy's picture


No no no! Credits goes to you, my friend.
I'm here contributed very little.
I have added only a little of "spices" :)


Michele71's picture


Hahahahah! You know that the merit is all yours! Thanks again Branko! :)

barigazy's picture


Nice job ;) +1


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