Custom Graphic User Interface Modifier

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Marcin Klejnowski

Custom Graphic User Interface

This is a scripted modifier plugin which allows the creation of a GUI picker tool with out any knowledge of maxscript. This supports up to 100 buttons with the ability to customize their: size, position, color, text , style , and function. Now Supports MaxScript and group features. ALSO NOW SUPPORTS IMPORTING AND EXPORTING

How To Install Correctly
Save files usings 1.5 or lower will not work with 2.0 or higher
Simply place the script into one of the provided locations below. A bug prior to
version 1.5 required to have the script in two location for it work from start up.

Example Locations:
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\Scripts\Startup
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\plugins

Version Log
-- 3.1
-fixed a bug which would delete the undo history when the MaxScript event was used on a button.

-- 3.0
-UI redesign and overhaul (trimmed a lot of fat)
-FINALLY added an import and export feature (sorry it took so long)

-- 2.1 fixes
-Added buttons which used the right click feature to work with tablets.
-Fixed bug which messed up group values when trying to rename a group
-Fixed bug which crashed the tool when trying to delete refnodes from the list
-Fixed bug which used to replace the wrong nodes in the ref Node section

-- 2.0
-Added new maxscript feature, groups, additional button options
-Cleaned up the UI

-- 1.5 fixes
-Should have finally fixed issues people have been having when trying to launch the edit rollout causing an error........I HOPE

-- 1.4 fixes
-Finally figured out the true problem of "Unknown property" error. Install into "\Scripts\Startup" directory (can be used to fix previous builds) I was wrong Sorry
-Fixed bug when a button was being used in between two which where. (Example, Button 01 and Button 03 where ON but Button 02 was OFF an error would occur if you pressed Button 03
-Added a minimize button feature. (Great Idea dori3d)

-- 1.3 fixes
-Added information in the help options and added in the help rollout a button which will open the folder to the location the script needs to be moved to in order to work from start up.

-- 1.2 fixes
-Added drop down list to help switch between multiple CGUI modifiers with in a scene
-Added a help rollout with links to script page for future updates and link to how the plugin works on vimeo. Plus and email where to send bugs too.
-Fixed bug causing the controllers not to redraw their colors when you first launch the tool

-- 1.1 fixes
-"Unknown property: "CollectBtnInfo" in undefined <<" error when opening the edit options.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2009 +
Video URL: 
customgui_v1.mse166.13 KB
customgui_v2.mse186.57 KB
customgui_v3.mse645.41 KB


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vindalsace's picture

How to export the GUI to another scene file?

Thanks for sharing this great tool!

Question for the developer and users: The CGUI picker seems to be saved in the max file where you initially created it, in the Object-Space modifier list.

How do you export a CGUI from one file into another file that has the same rig?

dori3d's picture

Hi MKlejnowski, keep it up

Hi MKlejnowski, keep it up with the good work. Can't wait to see the new version. ;)

MKlejnowski's picture

No your not stupid at

No your not stupid at all....Actually i am. Its a bug i finally have figured out. Gonna release a version 1.5 with the fix in place which would allow it to work by simply having it in the plugin directory. Also a 2.0 version with a bunch of additional features will be coming out soon. Just have to make some new tutorial videos and i will release it. THANK YOU EVERYBODY WHO HAS BEEN TELLING ME ABOUT THE ISSUES.

titane357's picture

hello MKlejnowski, you are

hello MKlejnowski,
you are right, I'm the most stupid idiot of the planet....
It is sooo easy to install, how can I miss something.
Works fine !!! Thanks :-)

MKlejnowski's picture

"titane357" This might sound

"titane357" This might sound odd but try putting the plugin into the startup and plugin directory. I really have no idea why it needs the overkill.

titane357's picture


3dsmaxdesign 2013x64 win seven
--Unknown property: UpdateBtnClrQuick" in undefined.
when clicking "edit" button in main window
Can't wait to see next version, looks like just what I need !!!!!!

dreamco's picture

I followed the steps and it

I followed the steps and it works now. My bad :(

MKlejnowski's picture

For all Bug Reports.

For anyone reporting a bug with the plugin please provide some more steps in the matter that you are getting the tool to get errors for you. Here are some things to try to get the plugin to work.

First and foremost install the plugin into the \Scripts\Startup directory and restart your 3ds max. If you do not want to restart max just drag and drop the file from which you put into the \Scripts\Startup directory into the viewport to execute the script. This step alone should fix and --Unknown property Error people are receiving.

I just tested the script on Max 2013 X64 with the steps above and I am not receiving any errors at the moment. If you are still getting the error after trying the steps stated above then please provide me with steps on how you are getting your error so I may find a solution to it. I am also working on a version 2.0 which has cleaner UI and added features.

dreamco's picture

2013 error

3dsmax 2013x64 PU 05 error:

--Unknown property: UpdateBtnClrQuick" in undefined.

Also the size editor with the logo itself should be accessed through the edit button to free more UI space.


dori3d's picture

Hi Marcin, and thank you for

Hi Marcin, and thank you for updating this very handy tool. I've just tested the 1.4 update and everythink seems to be OK. I dont know about the errors of the other guys here, although I've put it in max/plugins folder, it worked like a charm.

Keep it up with the good work, looking forward to it.. ;)

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