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Branko Živković

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This little tool provide advanced way for modifiers deletion, especially in complex scenes. Second version can be also used to:
- select group of object that share same modifiers
- turn on/off modifiers by user choise
Requested by draging

Additional Info: 

How it works:
Press "R" (version 1.0) or "Collect Scene Modifiers" (version 1.1) button to load all modifiers classes in dropdown list ei. checked list box.
If "Selected Objects Only" checkbox is not checked then script will consider all scene modifiers for deletion.
Note: Use "Hold" and "Fetch" before press "Delete Modifiers" button.

Update v1.1
->>> Supports multiple selected modifiers (dropdown list replaced with checked list box)
->>> List Box controls
->>> Added option to consider only active (enabled) modifiers
Update v1.2
->>> Added "Select By Modifiers" option with support for enabled/disabled modifiers (requested by andrian)
Update v2.0 (requested by andrian and Rodman)
->>> Optimized code
->>> Added dropdown list with 4 options (Delete, Select, Turn On, Turn Off)
->>> Added "Isolate Selected Objects" Option for "Selection By Modifiers" mode.
NOTE: This optinons only work for max versions 2013+
->>> Added macroscript DeleteAllModifier (requested by harumscarum)

Version Requirement: 
bga_deletemodifiers_v2.ms6.46 KB
bga_deleteallmodifiers.mcr550 bytes


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Waseem3D's picture

This modifier can be named as

This modifier can be named as "Modifiers Manager"
It's really helps, and saving time.
Thank you.

pproestos's picture

Works like charm

Great utility, it works! :) (max 2020)
Many thanks.

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Thanks! :)

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harumscarum's picture

great script! May I ask for

great script!
May I ask for version without UI which deletes ALL modifiers from SELECTED objects so it would be very handy to use as keyboard shortcut


Rodman's picture


Thanks Barigazy for the update. It will be handy for many users.
Keep up the good work. Cheers!


andrian's picture

WOW, thats pretty good,

WOW, thats pretty good, thanks for the really fast update. It works very well.

barigazy's picture


Of course. Try version 2 :)


andrian's picture

Perfect!! Thanks. One more


One more thought that can make this pretty powerful, is there a way, when do select by modifiers, to be able to turn them on/off, for the entire scene or selected objects?

barigazy's picture


Yes. Just check version 1.2


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