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Scale tool coded as modifier plugin


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Put this script into your Max stdplugs\stdscripts and restart the Max.

The Garbage Collection don't like this modifier.
Recommended to collapse the modifier stack and restart the Max.


Update Log:
v.1.1 - added checkbox to keep proportion
v.1.2 - now switch between relative/absolute mode fixed

Usage Notes:
Such scripted modifiers are memory consumer and I prefer to omit any callbacks additions which might polish some behaviours but will make the whole solution more dirty.

Instead of future complications, just read next usage notes about 2 known cases:

1. The size of modified object is acquired once when the Dimension is added to it. And that mean any size's changes of the base object after that are not handled. Shortly, if you need to modify the base object, just temporality remove/cut the Dimension modifier and then you are done, turn/past it back on the stack.

2. When you apply the modifier as instance to many objects of varied size, and wish to work in Absolute mode, keep in mind that the XYZ values you see are the size of the first object (to which the modifier is applied to). I hope this not look too logical confusing.

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 4 and higher
simpleMod_Dimension.ms1.05 KB
simplemod_dimension_11.ms1.35 KB
simplemod_dimension_12.ms2.25 KB


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dsp_418's picture

Great script! It should

Great script!
It should built-in.
Agree with rs3d, rotation and transform would be cool.

Hani Tiby's picture


It's a cool idea Anubis, great approach.
I believe that making the dimensions dynamic would be a very big plus, so none scripters could use it in wiring or reaction manager.

rs3d's picture

Rotation and Transform

Would be great to have Rotation and Transform as additional
functions in the Dimension Modifier. So switching off
transformations would be really easy...

maicogir's picture


Yeah, but is a good script, and with a little tricks we can use it ... :) Tks
Ps.: Max2012 sucks!

Anubis's picture


bad news then... can't help for Max 2012

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maicogir's picture

Same here

Same error here.. Max 2012x64.

Anubis's picture

ok, good to know

Its hard to help then. You can change the default type to Absolute (to see if that help somehow) by editing this line (17):

-- original code:
type type:#integer ui:rtype default:1
-- edited code:
type type:#integer ui:rtype default:2

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harumscarum's picture

i see

i think this was only 2012x64 issue

Anubis's picture


Its works fine here.
Keep in mind i tested it in Max 2009.
Now have no idea how to helps more :/

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

harumscarum's picture

weird Absolute behavior

when switch to Absolute all rollouts sets to 0.01 and object became huge!
maybe - since modifier is called Dimensions - make Absolute mode default one? so as soon this modifier is applied we see exact object dimensions and if any corrections needed - switch to Relative to transform object

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