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Martin Dufour

ok guy...and girl :-) this is the first preview of the new dinorig interface...the only thing that work right now are the muscle.I'm not really finished with them but since I'm going to go crazy,I think I'll work on something else

for a change!!

- I'm aware that the slider of the muscle don't get updated correctly ,I'll fix that soon !

let me know if you find any bug in the current state ...

Max2009 only!





and the ol one of course :




this one should work on anything pass max8.



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Dino_Rig_Creator_060d.rar485.77 KB
DinoRig_1_03_79_Preview.rar916.59 KB


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hi, thanks for replay my

hi, thanks for replay my doubts. i think there is nothing bad with this script. in fact i think this is one of the most usefull tools i`ve seen in many time. it make it easier the 3d work. i really think this script is like heaven for 3d animators. my only "complaints" so to speak are the bugs. apart from that, this script rock , rule , kick ass LOL. mmm but since you ask what would be interesting add i thing that a face rigging would make this script the perfect script i mean apart from the entire squeleton and the hand tab there would be also a face rig tag. believe me to have everything automatized with your rig script would really help to create 3d in order to do what is the most difficult step which is animaton. sorry if my complaints in my previous posts sounded rude to you . It wasnt what i tried to say. im looking forward to know from your work . thank you again
best regards.

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also I'm not a rigger

also I'm not a rigger myself, so I would like to know what you thing of the different part behavior, is it good or is it bad?


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Thank for the bug tracking,

Thank for the bug tracking, those are all thing that I'm already aware... fortunately, that the script I'm working on, so if you have bug or feature request... now is the time to do so :-)

I'm focusing on the Interface right now and since I have to rewrite almost everything it may take a while :-)

Best regard,
Martin Dufour

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well to make my self clearer

well to make my self clearer i will point out the bugs:
1. the ankle position: position and update the ankle creates an error that makes dino rig creator completely useless( i mean you cant use it again unless you erase all the skeleton)
2. when for example move the dummy of the arm to position it with your mesh arm hit update and then you make this process with other part , the rest of the edition resets ( it comes back to their original position)
3. the big dummy in the neck( the one that looks like a pirate boat wheel) rotates perfectly with the head and rest of the body but when you move it, simply moves out alone(head, neck and dummy) like if they are not conected to the body . no attachment no sttrechment
4. video on youtube shows other tabs wich highlights the muscle tab. theres no such thing. it doesnt exist

Since I believe this is a great and amazing script , I think these bugs should be fixed otherwise it would be like if it doesnt exist. no ofense intended
thank you again for the great 3d level skills

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i like this script, and

i like this script, and thank you for the hard work, but unfortunately it doesnt work. i mean it works . i used 3d max 2008 but what i meant is that is has lots of bugs . for example when Imove the helper from the leg to position it with the leg of my mesh and hit update , it throws an error and the other parts already edited come back to their original positions. in the video in youtube there are more tabs like the msucle tab , in the script there is not such thing.other bugs would be that the big helper in the neck it rotates perfectly with the head but when a move it the head come flies out the body . there is no sttrechment or attachment. well I couldnt manage to make it work so far. it`s a pity because it looks like a great script. could you fix these bugs please . greetings

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Thank you very much now if

Thank you very much now if that works to me correctly, again thank you very much

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Hi nuosyo, yes it does work

Hi nuosyo,

yes it does work with max9!
can you explain a little more what you're doing ?

here a remainder on how to install :

-extract the .mse in the 3dsmax\scripts folder.
-extract the .mcr in the 3dsmax\ui\macroscripts folder.
-extract all the .bmp in 3dsmax\scripts\DinoRigCreator folder.

from inside 3dsmax, run the .mcr file, then in customizeUI you should see a new category 'martroyx', drag it into your toolbar.

alternatively you can run the .mse file directly witch also work!


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for that version of max?

for that version of max? works with max 9? I have the 9 but I do not run anything. What am I doing wrong?

thank you very much the script is very good

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Thank for pointing this out,

Thank for pointing this out, I look into it!

Best regard,
Martin Dufour

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Bug in ankle

Bug in ankle 'Positionneur'

I noticed that the 'Positionneur' dummy for the ankle creates a bug so that the leg symmetry fails (ie. "-- Unknown property: "pos" in [-10,-0.9,7]"). So don't use it.

My workaround: I've scaled my character's mesh so that the ankle bones are on the right spot right from the start. This way I don't need the ankle positionneur-dummy.

Anyways, thanks for the script!

another bug maybe? In the hand/finger editor, don't use the offsets (Offset Foward/Back, Offset Left/Right and Offset Up/Down) as they somehow reset whenever you change between 'Top View' and 'Front View' in the hand editor and try to move a finger dot. Either way, I don't think you need the offsets as you can get the same results moving the dots.

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