Disable "Display Selected with Edged Faces"

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This script DISABLES the checkbox in the Viewport Configuration Dialog's "Visual Style & Appearance" tab labeled: "Display Selected with Edged Faces". If you use this maxscript, this checkbox will be disabled on: Max Open, Max Reset and Max File Open commands.

If you like the "Display Selected with Edged Faces" feature to be on most of the time, you should NOT use this script. To use this script, copy the enclosed maxscript file to the "scripts\Startup" folder of the root 3ds max installation. e.g.: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max Design 2015\scripts\Startup.
Version Information: This script will work for3ds max 2013 - 2015.

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The 3ds max documentation indicates that this feature is "OFF" by default yet I have found it to be ON by default in 2015.
Honestly, I can't remember if that is true in earlier versions.
I like Edged Face mode but I want control over whether it is on or off as I work, without having to disable it in each viewport.
Edged faces can quickly be turned on and off (for the entire scene) with the "F4" hotkey.

Download note:
For some reason, a direct link to the file from scriptspot is not working so you will have to go through my website's "Maxscript" tab at the DAS homepage. Sorry.....


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Finally!!! The default behavior is such a pain in the @ss.

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Thanks !

I was looking for this, very annoying in max 2015, thanks !

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Thanks for the feedback and of course you are both correct! The MaxStart is a great way to set up some customizations but the lack of control on File Open was annoying. The script language is basically the same to control all 3 options so I just did that. It is nice to get input and suggestions and very nice when you find one of my scripts useful. Thank you again.

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Ah - of course - i really

Ah - of course - i really should not post too early in the morning ;-)
Funny thing is, i released a script (ShadedModeEnforcer) a while ago which does essentially a similar thing, but for all imaginable viewport options.

So indeed this script has it's uses and i was wrong in my other post ;-)

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Thank you

its useful script .
@spacefrog , the difference is Max file open command .

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You don't really need a

It is not really necessary to use a script for that:
it's a setting that is stored with the scene, so you can use maxstart.max to disable this option ( like for the grid display etc... )

Simply set each viewport to have "Display selected with Egded Faces" disabled and save the scene to "maxstart.max" in your configured maxstart folder.
Now each and every time you start 3ds Max or select "Reset" in the File menu, 3ds Max loads this defaults from maxstart.max...

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