Displacement Roof Surfaces

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See "Additional Info" for the latest version history.

Displacement Roof Surfaces is a Free MaxScript that will take your existing roof geometry and properly apply UV Mapping coordinates to each roof plane and then apply convincing materials and displacement modifiers to the geometry.

Our goal is to eliminate the need for filling your 3d scenes with millions of polygons of roof tile geometry, thus keeping your viewports moving quickly and saving you hours of tedious work.

Simply choose your existing roof geometry, select the edges that represent ridges, hips, and gables, and click "Create!". After the script runs, you can quickly adjust the color, variation, and tile size in the viewport and in real time.

In future releases we will add additional roof tile profiles, asphalt shingles, metal seamed roofs, and corrugated metal. If you have a specific type of roof surface you'd like us add, please contact us via email.

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Version History:

v1.0 - 10/20/10
-added menu for choosing multiple roof types
-added 2 Flat Concrete Tile types
-added ability to create multiple roof types within the same file
-added support for metric units
-added options for Creating UVs, Materials, and Ridge Geometry
-added tooltips
-fixed rotation of ridge tiles existing on horizontal edges with only 1 face

v.90 - 8/10/10
-1st Public Release

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2010, 2011
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robcapper's picture

SphereHelper is a reserved keyword

SphereHelper is an exLevel object type. If you uninstall GrowFX this will fix it. The author of the script can also change SphereHelper to a none reserved word and it will fix it too.

Andrew541960's picture

Anybody know how to get version 1.0

Long ago when this script first came out, I downloaded it and while it is a very handy thing to have, in my line of work, it had one drawback, only one type of tile (barrel)

However, when I recently discovered it was now at version 1.0 and had new tile types, including flat, I rushed straight over to the site and downloaded what I hoped would be the latest version, only to discover it was still v0.9

I know digitalx moved to a new site not so long ago and perhaps this explains why..I am pretty sure it exists, since I have seen a screenshot of the new interface, on the scripts page and it also appears elsewhere

Would love to know if this version is actually available and when I can get this latest version, via the site

theedge's picture

Any news about the SphereHelper error ?

Each time I try to use the script I get this error.

Curtis W. Tooley's picture

How about just a download url

How about just a download url and not a convoluted login/register grope.

njm1's picture



someturkishguy's picture

Snytax Error: at bad, expected <factor>

I get an error, when i try to make it work... I am using 3D Studio Max 9, and i read that this problem might be caused because i don't have installed SP1... Then i have installed SP1, but still no luck... then i installed SP2, still no luck... Is there anyone out there likely to help?

This is shown on the dialog..

-- Syntax error: at bad, expected
-- In line:

And when i look at the MaxScript Listener it writes like that

-- Error occurred during fileIn in
>> MAXScript FileIn Exception: -- Syntax error: at bad, expected
-- In line: <<

Best Regards

birket's picture

Version for max 2009 x64

Wondered if it would be possible for you to release a version of this script that will work on Max 2009 x64?


digitalx3d's picture

SphereHelper error

Looks like several people have gotten this error. For some reason I haven't been able to reproduce it myself. I will look into this though once I have some free time and see if I can come up with a fix... and hopefully add a couple more roof types as well. Sorry for the inconvenience to those of you getting the error.

scepticus's picture

Maps problem

Hi, this script looks great but i've a problem, it looks like it doesnt create any displacement bitmap and gives me "white" roofs, without displacement.
I've choosed a folder, always empty, tried to launch max as admin, same. Dunno what to do, any idea?

ps: running max 2011 + vray 1.5 sp5 + on win7 x64.

maxpoz's picture

Hello, i've a problem No

i've a problem
No "select" function for spherehelper
in max 2011 x64
exist a solution?

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