DWG Cleanup

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A one-click solution to cleaning up the mess the new DWG importer leaves behind for those not using DWG linking workflows.

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Running this does the following to the selected objects:

- Safely removes all block relationships and deletes all Block/Style parent objects
- Condenses the selection to a single layer - preserving wireframe colors
- Changes any white wireframe colors: to the original layer's color - or to orange if the original layer color was white

Installation: Run .mcr file from MAXScript Menu > Run...
Where to find: Customize UI > CAD Cleanup category

Version Requirement: 
8; 7; 6
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Richard7666's picture

Doesn't seem to delete Block/Style Parent objects in Max 2022

as above, seems Autodesk changed something in Max 2022

Carol Rein's picture

Taking too long

Is it normal that it takes a lot (A LOT) of time to perform the task?
I´m using max 2014

ivailora4kov's picture

Very good script

I just found this script, it will save me a lot of work. I tried it on max 2013, and the only way to work is - to select all objects and run the script, otherwise nothing happened.

dodeqaa's picture

3ds Max 2015 process

Hey there.

Thank you for this wonderful script.

I'm using Max 2015 and have found a workaround is needed for the script to work.

You need to select groups of objects and unlink them first, before running the script to delete the style/block objects. Selecting too many (in my experience >300) will lag up the process.

Some objects will be left behind after the process and it will look like the script is not working on them but they're actually geometry objects and can be deleted using the delete button.

Some style/block objects will also be left over, select them and use the script again to delete them.

Recommend setting a hotkey yo execute the script for speed.

Hope it helps someone. Been trying for a few hours trying to get rid of this mess XD

inatosema's picture

Error in script

I've tried using this script but i alway get an error. Using Max 2014. Any suggestions?

Script_Butler's picture

Great script

Why have i never used this before!!



1rv's picture

you are my hero!!!!

you are my hero!!!!

polyx's picture


You have just saved me from tonsss of wasting hours and hassle!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This script is brilliant!

marlonebrando's picture

It's working on max2009. And

It's working on max2009.
And it will make me winning some hours. Thank you very much.

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