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dwTools is a set of few handy scripts for 3dsmax, that I made to speed up repetitive operations at work.

- some UI changes
- added: Assign Maps for materials of selected objects
- added: dw_tools_starter.mcr so script could be assigned to hotkey
- added: postfix customization for Assign Maps
- added: DX toggle for materials of selected objects
- fixed: crashing after 2nd check for SubMultiSub

Additional Info: 

I guess it will be useful for game development artists. As game content must be treat more carefully.
You need to pay more attention to polycount, topology and materials if the model is intended for real-time rendering.
Varying from exporter and engine, model's issues might be invisible in game, but might appear very noticeable or even cause errors and crashes of the game.

Some tools might appear too specific for Unigine game engine, but I'll try to expand functionality.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9
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