Explode face in Object

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Another script to explode the faces of a mesh into individual polygon.

Created during my work, it is useful to be used in junction with PartcleFlow Script. In fact, there is the possibility of creating a PFScript (based on Allan McKay fragment PFscript) with the obj newly created to be used within the event Bird

From Element to Polygon

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Run Script normally: ToolsBar > MaxScript > RunScript...


Important: With objects that exceed the 900/1000 faces, the script can takes a long time and 3dsMax CAN CRASH OR FREEZE, especially when you check item "X-Form". So I highly recommend you SAVE YOUR WORK before working with "Explode face in Obj"


Terms of use:

The use of the script is an "As is".

The author assumes no liability with regard to any kind of damage (hardware and software) caused by the use of this script. Are not responsible for any damage or cancellation or modification of the work, files, crash and or any problem in 3dsMax or computer. So if you installed the script,you accept the above conditions and declines any my responsibility.

Tested on 3dsMax2010/2015 64bit
A special thanks to the members of ScriptSpot Barigazy and Miauu  for their precious support

Version Requirement: 
3DSMax2009 or higher
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